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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Down with the sickness

Drink lots of water, get plenty of rest.

That's what I've been doing for the past few days. Sick again at home today with my head pounding and my voice raspy. Not a good feeling. Been on a congee+ Chinese medicine+ Tylenol diet for 3 days and my weight has already dropped below the 100 mark. Which to me is awesome, but to others, "That's unhealthy!".

Decided to catch up on my blogging before i take another nap. My room has been so hot, finally convinced my dad to turn the AC back on again. Sadly, it's doesn't quite reach my room, still feels like a sauna in here. This is when i wish i had a laptop, so i can blog in the basement. I need to get better before the weekend comes rolling in, i want to enjoy the long weekend trip, not be sick through it.

Finally went to CNE with the Mister the past week. We went on quite a nice day, when the weather wasn't blazing hot, but sat a nice 24 degrees. We got the ride all day pass because we wanted to experience being a little kid. We didn't go on a lot of rides though, we were too big for a lot of them, and Jacky was too tall for many of them. Like the 2 minute haunted house ride, his knees were totally hitting the front. We did go on a lot of good ones though, which was mostly spinning and dizzy, unfortunately i totally forgot to go on my favorite kiddy ride, which was the alien spaceship that spins around really really fast and gravity pulls you down. I actually want to go back, it doesn't feel like we were very productive that day. We didn't exactly try any awesome foods. For example, this year everyone is raving about the deep fried butter ball and the deep fried mars bar. Not like i want to actually try those heart attacks on a stick, but something that can only be found at CNE or places alike. Like maybe a pogo stick or Tiny Tim Donuts! I had a gourmet poutine for lunch, mine was call the deluxe poutine or something, basically in it was what a normal poutine would contain plus everything you can find on a deluxe pizza. It was interesting, but i wouldn't order it again, i think i like the original much better than the fancy spancy stuff.

W spent quite a long time in the exhibition buildings just getting away from the sun and shopping. I was shopping in the Costa Blanca outlet and found a pretty hot blazer for $2.99. Pretty awesome steal, in addition, i leached the last small!

We also watched the superdog show, which was an hour long. But the dogs were so cute and did a lot of cool tricks. After the show, we were allowed to go around and pet them. So fluffy!
Quote from 'Despicable me' ---> "It's so fluffy! It's so fluffy i could die!!!!"

We didn't play any prize games. But i really wanted the medium/large size Domo Kun!!! He is so cute, but it's impossible to win, you have to trade up many many time to get one. I saw a few people holding one and i was so jealous! It's the cutest little monster ever! Even the tiny size Domo's are hard to win. Not a lot of games have him too, only a selected few do, and they are all HARD! My brother tried to win me one when he went to CNE the other day, but he had also failed at doing so. Oh well...At least i have stolen a good snapshot of him.

We went on the ferris Wheel at night, it was really pretty. Wish i didn't have work the next day though, then we could have stayed later. But we got home around 12ish anyways. It was all in all an eventful day. I saw a lot of pretty stacked rocks and amazing sand sculptures. I think it was supposed to be a competition or something.

Saturday after work, we went to Buskerfest at St. Lawrence market with Shirley. It was so hot that day, so we shared a container of pineapples. A dollar for a container of pineapples is not bad at all. We watched some street performances, and bumped into my brother and his friends there. Stole a tiny tim donut from wing shi and he brought home a giant bag of buskerfest popcorn when i got home. We had dinner at go for tea at night, stayed there for a quite a while chatting. I'm loving all these summer festivals.

Been buying useless things again. I cannot seem to avoid these deals with benefits. I got a compacy from Estee lauder, since when you spend $34 or more you get this package:

Also if you purchase Lancome from the sears site and spend $32 or more you get this lovely set, and this is also what i did:

Sandy is a bad girl! But the Lancome one, you can choose between 5 different sets. And i quite like their makeup line, also the fact that i love their makeup bags, they are always the perfect size and so sturdy. So i'm a sucker for those.

I always tell myself this but never listen. But i really should. I need to save save save!!!


  1. get well soon!
    what weekend trip are u taking? how was buskerfest? if i go to cne, i'm going to try the deep fried butter.
    there's a festival somewhere in the states devoted to this type of artery clogging junk food, can you believe it? i'm glad it doesn't exist here.. cuz i'd be tempted to try many things but at the same time feel really guilty before and after. you should've done it!


  2. we're going to ottawa for rafting and this hot air balloon festival during the week.

    Really you're going to try it? aren't you afraid you'd get sick? i actually wanted to try the deep fried mars bar, but i figured it was just going to taste like a hot chocolate bar lol.

    Haha i actually want to got his that festival! i think i'll try many strange things!