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Thursday, September 23, 2010

African Lion Safari

Monkey hitching a ride
Haven't been here since high school when i was still in photography class and taking pictures for a project through the heavily tinted windows. Stupid idea.

This time around was mush better. It was quite the long drive, nearly 2 hours. Saw a lot of farms and cows.
We did the drive in safari where we saw a lot of cool animals. The monkey's were cool, loved the red bummed monkeys, they were climbing onto the car in front of us and just sitting there while it drove away. Too bad none climbed on our car, that would have been fun.
Giraffes were bored

Most of the animals were just sleeping or lying there. I was really excited to see the giraffe but they were so far away lying there or just standing there looking the other way.

Lions just lying there

I love how we can get so up close and personal with these beautiful creatures, but it's one of those "go at your own risks" kinda of things, who knows if they will suddenly get angry at scratch your car or break your windows or use you as a snack or something. We aren't supposed to have the windows down, but i see a lot of people doing it anyways. I really wanted to pet some of them but unfortunately we aren't allowed to get out of the car. I think the In car part of the safari, last about 30-40 minutes, it was quite a big area. The best part was we could always go back, and i wanted to just for the monkey's but they closed off that part at 4pm so i'd have to wait until next time fore the monkey's.

Tire inspection?
Deer crossing
The elephant show
Showing off
Blocking the road again
I think the best part of the day was the ostrich's. They were so big and fuzzy and awesome? They are the most noisy and curious creatures ever. They like to block the road, inspect every inch at your car and peck at everything, and they like to stand in front of your side window and stare at you. They do this with every car that was passing by too, as if they are collecting toll fee. They were soooo cute. That little part itself lasted  a while because they refuse to move out of your way. Once they decide that you are boring and move onto the next car, that's when they would make a little room for you (just enough to squeeze through without touching them) to drive away. Love these things, i want to ride on one! I think that would be awesome haha!

After that was over we went inside the non drive through part to do other stuff. We went to the Elephant show, starring 3 big elephants (not that big by age but still pretty big) and i thought they were so adorable. They are such funny creatures and so talented too. They could play soccer, roll over and sleep on a pillow and even paint on a t-shirt. They had elephant rides for $5 a person, but we didn't have time for so much activities that day. I like it when they hold each other's tails and walk, it's so adorable! Also they proved that elephants are not afraid of tiny mice because they let one climb all over the lazy elephant who wanted to sleep on a pillow.

Next up was the parrot show. Saw a lot of cool birds of many kinds and a lot of cute ones too. Very talented creatures, i especially liked the talking green parrot that makes cat calls to pretty girls and sings O Canada and other cute little things. They are so smart as well. Ooo there was also a fruit bat that they showed us up close. They are sooooo cute, i love how the animals are so clingy to the trainers.

Too bad we went too late, we were only able to catch two shows, After the shows we went to the petting farm. One one side was deers and on another side were i think goats? Not quite sure what they were but they were grey, sadly, the battery on my camera had already died so i wasn't able to take a picture of my cute encounter with these animals. I'll call it a goat, since i don't know what they are...

There was a machine that lets you buy food to feed the goats and i bought some and had some in my hand and went in, one of them immediately lept at me and practically climbed on me with it's two hind legs on the floor and the two front legs on my shoulders, its face practically level to mine starring at me eager for me to feed it. That was scary, but it was so awwww at the same time. Then another one came and did the same thing, so now i had two on me and they are heavy! But it's a good thing they didn't have teeth, that was what i was afraid of, they just sort of licked the food off my hands. Then they wouldn't get off me even when i held my hands out saying i have no more food (i assumed they understood human language). It was so cute, i wanted to go get more food but my jacket was already full of dirt from their feet and my stocking already had a hole from their aggressiveness. Definitely want to go back to the petting farm.

Lastly we went on the short fiery ride. Didn't have time for the short train ride so we opted for this option. Short 6 minute ride while talking about certain animals that live near the waters. There was a monkey home and a seagull was stealing its food.

Fun day :)


  1. I think those are goats! Poor babies... they were hungry...

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