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Monday, September 13, 2010

MVA's with beer

Went to Superstar wings with the TD people on Saturday night mainly to celebrate cece finding a new job, it ended up being a nice gathering as well.

[Still so mad at you!!!!!! You know who you are!!!!!]

Esther brought her son, he was such a cutie pie, i so wanted to take him home and pinch his cheeks and spoil him senseless! It was a fun night, we ended up having a lot more people for dinner than originally planned, and we had to split up into two long tables, each ordering 100 wings and a bunch of other appetizers. Our table ordered poutine wings (my pick lol), pink lady (raspberry-ish flavor...way too sweet), spicy thai (wasn't that spicy), and honey garlic (can't go wrong with that).

We stayed for quite a while, chatting. Everyone was coupled up except me, so i sort of stuck with the Chan sisters. (GRR...)

Linda, our branch manager was supposed to join us for dinner but she got here last minute and ended up paying for the bill. So generous! But she did go karaoke at Focus with us later on. Ben booked a large 25 people room, but we didn't even have that much people going in the end because people were flopping last minute. We ended up haveing 15ish people and near the end, numbers were dropping one by one.

Linda and cc wong were getting so bored, they were like "you guys want to take a cab down and go clubbing instead?) I would have been a go if i were better dressed for it. I didn't even get to sing one song, all i did was play dice and drink. I had a shot as well, it tasted like mint and chocolate mudslide (forgot the name) but it was disgusting! i hate hate hate shots with cream in it, makes me sick. Good thing i only had one of those. Then the rest were beer and soho. We ordered way too much beer, and they were just forcing it down our throats at the end because we didn't want to waste nearly 9 bottles.

So many police came in and searched our rooms at random times, just checking if people are smoking. People were smoking in our room but the cops came afterwards. LUCKYYYYY. Got pretty boring and tired at around 2 and since people were leaving one by one, the room was only left with like 6 people. So we left before time was up. Next time they said we'd go clubbing for Marian's promotion party. No more focus! Me no like focus!


So i watched the MTV video awards today after work, and like every year, it's AMAZINGGGGG! Especially Lady Gaga, she won the most awards and her outfits were out of this world! I loved her first outfit from the last collection of Alexander McQueen. She looked like a queen! And her shoes! OMG her freaking shoes!

Her second outfit looked really good too but it looked HEAVY! She needed 3 of her military dudes help carry her dress while she walked up to the stage. Her speeches are always so inspirational and she started crying when she accepted her first and third award. It was so awwwww, i really want to go to one of her concerts.

Currently i am spying on my basement rents out the window, the teenage boy is playing with his one year old brother. He is SOOOOO cute!


  1. hehehe been leaving ur blog on to listen to music. =) never get around to watching MTV. maybe i'll do a quick google later!


  2. haha didn't quite know it was going to be on either, i thought i missed it already. Just happened to turn on the tv to check the weather that moment. watch ittttttt, gaga rocks!