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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

1. I'm obsessed with online shopping
2. I'm a fashion student disguised as a banker
3. I love playing with makeup
4. I'm a facial mask junkie
5. I only like the green turtles from Super Mario Bros., the red ones you can step on and i won't be sad
6. I hate tomatoes
7. Candy are my weaknesses
8. I collect cosmopolitan magazines
9. I'm a sucker for good food
10. I dream of a princess-y wedding
11. I Love love love photography and have an obsession with cameras. I want to collect ALL!
12. I like collecting samples of everything
13. I have a huge collection of pens and other strange items
14. I love playing Marvel vs. Capcom
15. Jet Li is still my idol



    - and girl.. I online shop like a MANIAC. Good thing I switched banks recently. I had to cut up my card and stuff, so now I can't buy anything for a while. It hurts, but I know it's for the best >_<"

  2. i think i'll have to take on this challenge after i come back from my trip. i barely have access to anything in china. sucks to be me.


  3. 나니: I should really do the same thing, and cut up those darn cards!!! But i can't.....temptation kills me :(

    Sandie: Defiantly do it when you come back, motivation to update your blog regularly