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Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy Belated Halloween my dears, I hope your Halloween weekend was filled with as much spooky fun and sweets as mine were.

I actually didn't plan on celebrating Halloween...FOR ONCE! Why? Because i didn't have a costume and i didn't want to spend ridiculous amounts of money to get one. However, Sandie had convinced me to go clubbing with her on the 29th at WetBar and so i decided to just put something together from my wardrobe and call myself a cat.

Clubbing at to describe it...

40 minutes wait in line...
1 hour wait for (mandatory) coat check...With ignorant people pushing and shoving while budding....only one girl working, is that not ridiculous???
10 minutes wait just to go upstairs to the top floor...

And by this time, my mood has went down dramatically and all i wanted to do was step on everyone's toes and pull all their noses!!!

But then, good thing the club had really good music and my mood had went back up. It was a lonnnngggggggg night, and i was tired like hell. When we got back to the car, we felt very lucky. We were sandwiched between two cars that got broken into and their windows smashed. ALWAYS leave your junk in the trunk!!!

My put-together-costume: Kitty cat...meowwww

Costume contest: Guy with the shower costume had the best costume
Posing before leaving

Then came Halloween day. Didn't really feel like Halloween at all. When i woke up it was snowing! scared me because there was so many outside like a blizzard, and then it slowly died off.

Jacky and i went to Hamilton in the afternoon. There was a Revlon and Johnson&Johnson sale going on that i wanted to check out. I bought a few random items and then we drove by McMaster University to take a peek. Their were students having picnics outside all dressed up in their costumes and carving pumpkins. I miss that, i haven't carved one in sooooo long!

Once we got back, we went to Shirley's house to get our costumes ready for Halloween. We decided to go to Church St. for Halloweek again. I wore my old nurse costume from the year before.

Nurse and death

Nurse and semi vampire with claws
Church St. was fun. But i think last year was better, defiantly a lot more better costumes last year than this year for sure. Still a lot of people though, i love seeing people dress up.

Alice in wonderland!

Sesame St. Family!
The best costume ever!

Facebook, i pod and headphones!

Too cold to look good

Oh the hilarity!
Next year, i will defiantly get a new costume and do something other than go to church st hahaha. At least i got my candy fix! Woot Woot....!


  1. so sorry Sandy!!! I promise next clubbing night will be much much more fun! Umm...but we better get there before 10pm and we'll line up together! I got no connections. Aiya...I feel like I deserve a slap for the night! I still feel so bad! so sorry!!!

  2. it's okay!
    next time will be better!