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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 24- A letter to your parents

Dec 11th, 2010

Happy birthday dad!!!!!!!!!
My dad's birthday once again, and following his is always mine. I think that's why we get along great. This year i have gotten him some sweaters, he never seems to care much about clothes and he doesn't have a lot of nice looking sweater, and he always says that either mom or myself have to take care of that issue, so there you go, clothes!
My brother's girlfriend Christy is here for a week=) My brother and I are planning to treat the family + Christy + Jacky to my dad's favorite, AYCE sushi. Should be fun.
It's always times like these, being with the whole family in one table that i treasure the most now than i ever did before. I remember back in high school when i was somewhat of a rebel, i never really got along with my parents because they never approved of anything that i did and i just felt like they don't understand me, so i pushed them away quite a lot. I never really wanted to be home, and we were not-at-all-close type of relationship. I wanted to move out as soon as possible and all we ever did was argue and argue...but as i aged...yes...i have aged...i started to realize how stupid and childish i was really being, and if i can turn back the hands of time, things will defiantly be different.

After i was done school, i felt like i have matured quite a bit, a little bit too mature sometimes. I open up to my parents  lot more and talk to them about things that i would have never talked about before and suddenly we had a connection. There are tiny fond moments of when we joke around and if there are no seats i will sit on their laps and steal their food and eat off their plate. Grab their apple from their hands when they are eating and taking a bite and then putting it back like nothing happened. I try to do a lot of family movie nights just so we can sit together and do something and bond, hasn't been working quite well but we have done that a few times successfully. I still think about moving out but for a different reason now. In reality, i want as much time with them as possible, because i know i will take things for granted, and before i know it, things won't be like they were before.

You two are the best parents a daughter can ever ask for, and i love you two SOOO SOOO much!

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