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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

Winter 2009

Summer 2010
How have i changed? Appearance wise, not at all. Maybe older LOL. Personality...older as well...i guess. Well maybe i should say mature and wiser in a bad way, a way that makes me boring. Suppose to be now is the age to really enjoy your life before your youth wastes away, but i find myself becoming more of a homebody type of person. I enjoy the comfort of my own home the most, don't rerally go out much unless i need to satisfy my thirst for shopping and even with that i do myself most of the time. Clubbing? No, don't even think about it anymore, don't even want to be in those kind of places anymore. All those scantily clad women and smelly men everywhere...not appealing to me. Bars? Count me out, i don't even drink much. Probably less than 2 bottles a year if your talking about beer. Crazy parties?, a part of me says "yo sandy it's gonna be some fun crazy shit!" but the really me is saying, Nah, it will be fun, but it really isn't for me. Rejected a lot of my co-workers offers already :(
I still occasionally want to go karaokeing, but i'm talking about real karaokeing not the ones where you just drink, play games and doing no singing.
I guess I've become old and boring.

Side note....

I don't know why i wasn't so in love with it before, but now i soooo am! I just need to get my hands on it, i just need to get my brushes deep within those highly pigmented colors and paint art on my face!

I'm talking about the new Jewelery Box palette from Tarte.

Ahhhh i love it so much, it's gold and snake skin-ish and has a necklace attached to the box that you can actually remove and wear! The top layer is beautiful shimmer colors and the bottom layer is Matte eye shadows. The third layer is 5 different color eye liners and the final layer is blush, lip colors, highlight and bronzer! Ahhhh All in one, so nice!

The box and the removable necklace

Beautiful colors!

It's a Limited edition, and Sephora is selling it for only $52. I want ittttt! * starry eyes*

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