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Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Years!~~~ Resolutions for 2011

Changing Place.
    Changing Time.
       Changing Thoughts.
           Changing Future.

2011 is a year for change. Not to mention it's the year of the rabbit. What does that mean? Well according to the Chinese zodiac, it's supposed to represent calm, and it is said that it will be a calm and peaceful year. And who doesn't need some calm and peace in their own crazy lives? I know i sure do need to be in peace with myself for the most part and try to stay calm. I let people, work and society affect me way too much to be a calm and happy person. This year i need to change my lifestyle around.

It's all about change. Everything changes.

We're not the person we used to be a few years ago. I'm not. Boyfriend is not. Friends are not too.

I used to like to party. The louder the music the better, the more drinks, the more exciting, the more people, the merrier.
Yeah...people change. I'm not like that anymore. Call be boring, but i'm really not into that type of thing anymore. Sure once in a while is okay when you've had a stressful day and just want to relax and let loose on a weekend, that's fine. I enjoy a nice karaoke day with a couple of good friends, but hardcore partying, grinding, sweaty strangers trying to rub their junk on you, mindless alcohol consumption that you know you will get sick from but do it anyways? Yeah i'm not into that kind of stuff anymore. I don't see the appeal in it, it's just not my thing anymore. Sorry guys, i don't mean to ditch so many times, but's not my thing anymore. If you ask me to drink, i probably won't. One, my tolerance is getting lower by the year, i really don't like the taste (i don't know why i even put that stuff down my throat in the first place when i never liked any of the alcohol tastes) A teensy weensy bit is fine, but if you want me to do a full cup/bottle? No thanks; Two, it makes me feel sick very fast; Three, i can have just as much fun as you can without it. Why do you want to risk damaging your kidney and at the same time getting a pot belly?

I've had plenty of time in 2010 to think about life. Couldn't really think about anything good, i hope i can finally clear my head this year and let 2011 be a new beginning for me.
2010 was a very bad year for me, all the bad stuff affected me pretty deeply, i have to say compared to 2005 which was also a very depressing year for me, 2010 has got to be the worst yet. I think I've shed more tears this past year than in 2005 (i hope this won't turn out to be a 5 year lapse thing).

My maturity, i'd have to say develops quite slowly (But defiantly a lot faster than some i know). But in these 24 years, I've matured into the person i am now. There's a still a lot more work to go, some tweaking here and there, but in time, i'm confident i'll be fully content with the person that i am.

Primary school- bossy, selfish
Elementary school- shy, quiet
High school- bitchy, nice, emo
College- Nice, respectful, considerate
Now- compassionate, kind, mature

Perhaps that is not how other's will view me, but that is how i view myself as in these 24 years of mine. I've grown up, I've learned from experiences, watched and learned, faced life trials, bettered from my errors. This is the me now. Gaining more and more confidence as the years go by.

Let's all have a wonderful new start. Hope everyone a happy 2011.


  1. I feel like I'm on the same boat as you on the whole drinking and partying scene. Once I settled down with my BF it had no more meaning and was pointless.

    I hope you have a better year than 2010 and I like your positive outlook on the new year, love the fortune cookie pic too.

  2. Thanks Che! Glad to know someone feels the same way!

  3. I like compassionate, kind, mature!!! :D

  4. yea it serves up japanese food. you should give it a try, great on a lazy sunday.

  5. update woman, update!


  6. I definitely want to settle down a little more in 2011, which is going to be hard since I'm a senior in high school and there are always parties going on!! Great blog!