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Monday, December 5, 2011

Hey guys,

Sorry for my last two posts, I've reached a point where i felt very disappointed with my life and didn't know what to do with myself. Then the vision of my future seemed real foggy and i didn't know how to deal with that. Maybe it's a quarter life crisis (I'm turning 25 this month...). People around me are getting married, having kids, buying houses, building their future and most of all, they have love and support in their life. I'm not getting that feeling, and the fact makes me very scared and very sad. The road ahead is very blurry and i don't know how to take the next step forward.

Thank you for all your reassuring words and taking the time to talk to me as well as offering advice and showing concern. Blogging has always been a happy past time for me, and the best part is meeting all you wonderful people. I wish we can all meet up one day, being scattered around the world is not an easy thing, but then again, my dream is to be able to travel the world. If that ever does get fulfilled, i'm sure i'll be able to meet you lovelies. You guys make the blogging experience that much better for me. Since it's the season to give thanks, i really want to thank all of you that follows my blog. You are all so nice and leave the sweetest comments.

I don't want to be so gloomy, especially in the blogging world. I set up my Christmas tree today and it defiantly made me feel a lot warmer inside.

I want to thank Sharlene from *I-Lashes for giving me this lovely necklace. Back in October, I've won her giveaway when she was doing a "guess what i'm going to be for Halloween". She dressed up as Black Swan (a really hot one!). Thank you Sharlene, i love it so much!
She is so sweet, she also included a cute hello kitty tooth pick holder with a mirror, i've never seen anything like it before! She also wrote a short and sweet card for me <3

I also want to thank Aki! from 7% Solution for giving me "Kreativ Blogger" Award. I feel so "awww" whenever i get these sort of things. Please check her out, she has such a cute blog. She talks about life, fashion, food...everything! Not to mention she's a really good cook too!
I'm sorry i'm not following the rules, but i really don't know which 10 people to give this to since it hink all of you deserve this award and also, another 10 things about myself? I'm really not that interesting.


  1. I know that "quarter life crisis" you speak of. I turned 25 this year too and let me tell you, I couldn't feel any more down or incomplete at times. It's true that friends and peers our age are out getting married, having kids, and buying a nice house. Me? None of the above.

    Throughout the years I just came to the realization that whatever happens and however long it takes to make it happen is just how it's meant to be in my life. And you know, it has always worked out better that way.

    I could go into details of how it may look like your friends or family have everything, but you should be happy with the state you're in too. My friends always joke around asking when I'm going to have kids and get married. I tell them the same answer everytime and to anyone that asks. Like you, I want to travel the whole wide world. That requires a lot of money and I can't save if I have a little toddler hanging on my back. Marriage? Why waste the $5,000-$12,000 on a wedding when I can use that to go to 5 different countries comfortably. A BA or MA degree? Well, I'm slowly working on that, but that's another perk of being filed "Singled." I qualify for grants and get more and better benefits.

    Sandy, I know how you're feeling. Trust me. You feel like you're doing nothing with your life and nothing is getting accomplished while everyone else is moving up. But you know what? That's okay. You're doing things another way. Who says that there's a deadline on certain life achievements and goals? Heck, I have 2 friends that have their master degrees and they're making the same if not less money than i am. Now that would really bum me out! My married friends.....things are the same. I'd say they fight even more! Kids make it worse from what others tell me. As far as buying a house? Stuck. They have to commit to that brick/stucko building for a long time. One of my friend's husband got laid off and can't afford the mortgage. Now they're renting it out just to make ends meet. My other girlfriend and her family were so blinded by buying a nice, big, beautiful house, but each summer they can only afford to go on a mini-stay-in-the-city vacation. At one point I envied them. But as I slowly sat down and got them talking, the beans spilled.

    With Anthony and I not having kids together or owning a house (especially being together for 7 years) we have the great opportunity to save our pennies and travel every year to whatever country we wish for a whole month! Now that, to me, is way more worth it than anything else. Not too many people can say they've traveled even outside their own state,country, or hometown.

    This comment is getting way too long,(and sounding more like a preach) but what I'm trying to say is that you'll be just as happy as your friends appear to be, but later down the road. Don't rush things. Everything will fall into place. Trust me.......

  2. I think a lot of people can relate to what you're feeling Sandy, I know I do. I'm 22 (turning 23 in January) and I'm single. However not that long ago I was in a relationship that I thought would lead to marriage (as you know lol). It just goes to show you that things can change very quickly and nothing is fixed. Don't worry about it too much Sandy. We may all go at our own pace, but we eventually end up meeting with one another. Take your time, relax! It's only the North American mind frame in which we feel like we have to rush life. No one is making us feel this way but ourselves. So while everyone is rushing headfirst into marriage and kids... you can sit back, enjoy being young and free, and build the foundation needed for a strong future. Stay happy Sandy! <3

    xx Nat

  3. I want a christmas tree so badly :( bUt we get a real one every year, so we don't get to put ours up till 5 days before x-mas :(

    Girl, i feel the same way, all my friends are also either married or have kids. It's very saddening. But our time will come! Like my friends say, "have fun while you can" because once you have kids you won't be able to do a thing. lol

  4. Aww, I can't believe you think I'm a good cook. I wish my mom would believe me.

    I love those Christmas ornaments you posted. Especially the one with your camera reflection in it!

  5. Aww, don't be sad, hun. I battle seasonal depression, so I think I know where you're coming from. You just gotta tough it out. The human spirit is quite resilient. Just when you think you CAN'T take another day, trudge on! You'd be surprised at how much you can handle and take on. You just gotta do it. Don't associate any feelings or emotions to it.

    I live by the saying "Fake it 'til you make it". Just keep pushing yourself to be happy. Enjoy the simpler things of life, the sunshine that penetrates through your blinds first thing in the morning, the crunch of the leaves as you inhale the fresh, chilly crisp winter air. It's the littlest things like those moments that TRULY make you feel alive.

    And I think it all comes down to "me" time. You need your alone time. Shut off your cellphone, turn off your tv, un-wire your brain to not think about school or work. You need to take time to relax and reflect on your own thoughts. Too often we tune out our thoughts to get through by the day. Here, give yourself the chance to "talk" to yourself in your head (if that's how you want to put it). I hope all that helps, because I know when I do all really helps put things into perspective and I get clarity out of what I want in the moment and for the future. <3

  6. I am going through that right now. I'm 35, unmarried, no kids...but then I think of what I've accomplished: traveled to 50 states and 19 countries, 4 degrees. Enter my StyleMint Giveaway for 5 shirts!

  7. hey love!
    don't be down babe I'm 25 and I honestly feel like my life is just beginning. I've been in a serious relationship for the last 6 years of my life and it just recently ended. I could not have felt more lost and alone but now I truly believe it was meant to happen. "Sometimes we have to be completely broken in order to build a better, stronger version of ourselves." Take some time for yourself and focus what YOU really want in life. Amazing things will happen for you in time! You're such a sweet person Sandy:)

    <33 Sharlene

  8. && I'm always here for you if you need anything!

  9. I hope you're feeling better now, Sandy. Look how many people care about you! :) I'm sure that there are many things about you that others envy; you just might not know it. And people who seem to have perfect lives may actually be going through difficult times as well. But it's actually times like these (quarter-life crisis) that make us cherish the good times even more when they're here. You can always message me if you'd like, but seems like you already have many people who are willing to listen and care about you ;) The future is full of possibilities! Smile and happiness will naturally come your way :D

  10. ohmygoodygoodnesssss!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR HEADER IMAGE!!! how long did it take you to put together?! it is one whole chunk of awesome! :D :D :D also, what a pretty tree!

  11. Hey Sandy! Im glad setting up your tree made you feel better and that it perked you up! You never need to apologize for the past two posts! That's what blogger is for, to support each other! Im sorry to hear that you feel that way currently but there is always a silver lining in each cloud, you just need to look for it =) Try and think, your life could probably be much worse and think about other people whose in worse off situations. That usually what I think of when Im feeling down and depressed about my life and then Im suddenly grateful for what I have. Even just the basics. A roof over my head, my family, food, education. I also get depressed when I see friends and acquaintances move forward. I feel left behind but I take a moment to think what I have that they haven't, there is always something.

    I also think that with the way society is set up, it is hard to get married and start a life at the age of 25, I mean some people go to school until the age of 30 before starting their career! Now a days people need to have a better grasp on reality and realize that, unlike our parents time, it's hard to get married before 30 =( Which sucks, but that's the way it is right?

    But you know what girly? Take time out for yourself right now. Plan and save for your next trip! That's always exciting! Get your nails done! Grab a good book to read, go to tea, try a new hair colour! =D I hope you feel better soon sweetie!

    P.s I will make that post on teeth whitening! Just remind me if I forget hahaha >< Im very forgetful!

  12. sandy!! i'm glad to hear you're feeling a lot better :) sometimes something as decorating a tree will do it for you.. i've been majorly homesick since moving to germany i miss my family and frieds so much :( .. and decorating my dressing room is what pulled me out of my funk. i know what you mean about mid life crisis chica but don't worry i think you are doing just fine!!!

  13. That's a beautiful tree you set up. :D I am just catching up on my blog reading and am sorry to hear you were feeling that way. *hugs* I'm glad to hear you are feeling better, sweets.

  14. Pretty Christmas tree - I love all that tinsel :)

  15. that necklace is beautiful.

    i am 26 and life doesn't seem to be getting any easier either.

  16. Your Christmas tree is just beautiful. I love this time of year!
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