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Sunday, June 24, 2012

San Francisco trip

Hey everyone, I'm back from my trip to San Francisco! Well it wasn't really a vacation, my boyfriend was going for a conference in Santa Clara, and I just happened to tag along.

We went two days early just so we can explore parts of the city. The only part of San Francisco I got to see was the downtown portion, which I absolutely adore by the way! Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures, I had my camera but was too lazy to snap pictures, instead I used my iPad to take shots, which often was too heavy to carry around haha.

I have to say I've tried the best churros when I was in San Fran!!! They were huge! I wish I had gotten more!

Our hotel was in Santa Clara, and we literally lived in the middle of nowhere, but it was close to his conference centre at least. The hotel was nice, it was just a hassle getting to places. The closet mall to us was the great mall, and it was about a 40 min light rail ride. If we ever wanted to eat or do something, it had to be there since our hotel was not walking distance to anything! I think I did the most walking on this trip, just walking to the light rail took 15 minutes and we walked multiple times everyday!

Coming back was the worst. Our flight got delayed by 7 hours so we had to sleep in the airport overnight, never had that happen to me before. It was a good thing I didn't have work the next day or else I'd be dead tired, seeing that I can never sleep in planes.

I'd defiantly go back just for vacation purposes, I really want to visit everywhere, I think I can see myself living there one day *happy sigh*

Buttttt I have to get back to reality now...which is this thing called work.

Le sigh.

Had a outdoor pool at the hotel which i never got to use :(
behind the hotel

one of the lonely meals i had
exploring downtown san fran

me and my giant churro!

my absolute favourite glasses

we are at santana row, beautiful place!

finally found a bbt place to satisfy my craving

waiting for the plane to go home

catching the sunset!


  1. Whoa, you weren't kidding when you said you got a big churro. That thing is long! haha. Love the summer hat and glasses, btw! Your pictures look great! I've been told San Francisco is a must see place. Unfortunately, I've only explored LA, San Diego and Anaheim. Maybe next summer I'll make it a point to visit!

    Having a delayed flight sucks big time! I always make sure to carry on extra clothes and lots of magazines to keep my preoccupied. Luckily, you had no work the next day. ;P

  2. Holy awesomeness! If I were you, I would've tagged along on the trip too hehe. Nothing like a short little getaway to spice up normal sometimes boring life routines right? Whenever I think of SanFran, I think of that movie Homeward Bound with those 2 dogs and cat haha. I loved that movie series.

    Love your sunglasses! I've been eyeing these Coach round vintage inspired glasses at Winners. I might pick it up next week if it's still there. And I've never seen a real palm tree before in person. I really want to! Badly!

  3. Your lonely meal looks very delicious. I think it's great that you got to travel around like this with your boyfriend. Kinda jealous.

  4. aww love!! fantasia's one of my favorite boba places in the bay area..

    aww looks like you had a fun time :)!! i love your summery coral outfit!

  5. I'm going to Sacramento next week and will probably drop by San Francisco too. Any recs on places to eat?

  6. Dang! You're going to so many picnics girl, lucky! I'm chilling out at home after a couple days of shopping and work in between (had Friday off but had to work Sunday). You watch a lot of dramas? Mind recommending any romantic comedic ones? =)

    Have fun at all those events. Schedule in some "me" time, it'll definitely give you that needed energy boost!

  7. My sister and I were laughing at the donut peaches too. When I spotted them I was like, "No wayy.." And then after I realized the sign which read "peach dount" was actually suppose to be be peach donut, we both bursted out with more laughter. I can't believe I've never seen these before in my life.

    I used to watch Buffy the Vampire too! That show was awesome. And the vampires were so much better than the crap vampires they have nowadays.

  8. Hi Sandy!!! San Francisco looks like a ton of fun! Too bad you were a solo traveler for a bit >< But at least everyone spoke English haha

    I see you like grass jelly in your bubble tea! I like it with vanilla ice cream =P I never actually get to use most hotel facilities too =( Usually I'm too tired or I rather be doing other things like sight seeing than just staying at the hotel.

    I think there are lock bridges all around the world! (I wikipedia-ed it haha) There's also one in Korea as well!

  9. Hope you found some good deals at the mall Sandy! I'm a shopping enabler lately because that's what I've been doing myself hahaha! Lots of people live in condos and light candles. What I do to prevent the smoke smell when I want to "blow" it out, is that I don't blow it out. I just put the lid back on and it literally puts itself out and contains the smoke =) The next time you open it, the smoke will have dispersed so no stinky smell!