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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A good read

Hey Everyone, sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been reading a lot. Like A LOT! Like an unhealthy addiction A LOT! alright you get the point.
I've been reading every night on my bed in the dark with my iPad for the past two months, i know it's so bad for my eyes, i'm going to ruin my perfect vision one day.

But it's so addicting! Reading at night is the only time i can enjoy a good book and actually absorb the information in my head. I always loved to read, i always wanted a job at the library. Too bad.

I have just finished reading "Escape from camp 14" By Blaine Harden

This is in no way a fictional story book, it is about the life of a man who is born and raised in North Korea and had suffered through the harshest of torment until he escaped.
This book brought out all types of emotions in me. It made me feel sad, angry, appalled, relief and compassion. It has also made me teary multiple times. But it has also made me appreciate what i have in life and not to take things for granted.

Has anyone read this book?

I've also recently watched the Katy Perry movie the past week.

Personally, i really like Katy Perry. I enjoy her as an artist as well as a person. I think the movie was really good. It really gets into how her life is, and after watching it, I REALLY REALLY want to go to one of her concerts! One day in my life.
It's Katy Perry and Lady Gaga that i must see in concert one day, before they stop making music.

What movies have you seen lately?


  1. o0o0o0o0o I get book addicted sometimes too haha and once I start a book I can't put it down literally, every minute is spent trying to finish the book, in a good way of course =) I've never read this specific book but I've read sad books before and I often have very similair emotions as you and tell myself I will never complain about silly things like the bus coming late or it's raining again!

    I've been to a Lady Gaga concert before but missed the Katy Perry one! I wish I went though, glad to hear her movie was good too! I recently watched the new Batman movie and it was pretty good! I didn't even realize it was as long as it was!

    Hope you're doing well dear!

  2. I've watched Ted recently, but I also want to see Spiderman and Batman! The Katy Perry movie looks adorable and I personally like Katy as a person. She seems like a lot of fun! ^^

  3. ohhh i thought i had an addiction to reading at one point too but then i realized that i feel much more smarter! which is a good thing! so i don't think it's that bad! oh and katy perry is freaking awesome! i love how unique she is!

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  4. ohhh that sounds like a interesting book!! i will definitely download that on my nook :)

    i heart katy perry everything about her makes me smile hahaha i love her fun fashion too!!

  5. I saw a documentary on him a while back. I cried, it was sad. :( I'm so glad we was one of the few lucky ones that made it to the south and started a new happy life.

    I watched Ted and it was pretty funny. Next on my list is the new Batman. :)

  6. That books sounds so interesting. It's funny because I recently was picking up books again too. Well, just re-reading a favourite currently hehe. Hm, I didn't even remember that there was a long weekend coming up. No plans yet, but things change quickly =)

    Will have to get back to you on the nail vitamin thing. My sister knows more about that than I do.

  7. I feel like that first book would give me so many emotions that I couldn't handle, exactly like you described!

  8. OooO Thanks for the recommendation!!! Will put that on my to-read list. :) And I watched the Katy Perry movie toO! Makes me regret more that i missed her teenage dream concert. -_- But it was wonderful to see her personality. great movie!