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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Scarf rack

Just thought I'd share this wonderful creation I found in ikea, it's a scarf rack made with many hoops! Very steady and holds many scarves! Really brightens up the closet:)


  1. That is such a good idea!! You have cute scarves!

  2. this is so smart! i love it.. all my scarves are just jumbled together on a clothing hanger and it's so annoying when i'm looking through them! i'll have to pick this up!

  3. This is brilliant!!! I think I'm going to get one since my scarves are hung on random hooks... or stuffed in a corner!


  4. this is a good idea!!! You have so many cute scarves!

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  5. Looks gorgeous though I don't have nearly as many scarves as you do.

  6. I would be using this except I don't even have a room for this hanging scarf rack T_T so sad, right now my scarves are just smushed together in a small box lol I really need to get some reorganizing done in my room asap~

  7. This is a great idea~~ I have so many scarves but don't know how to store them nicely. BTW, I'm hosting a giveaway for a silver heart charm bracelet! Check it out!!

  8. Wow you are so organized
    with scarfs! Mostly I just
    pile all my scarfs on one
    hook.. This is
    actually a great idea!


  9. so cuute! i need one big enough to hold my big chunky ones :)

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