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Monday, June 3, 2013

Wedding bells

Time seems to be flying! April and May passed by so quickly, i felt like i had no time for anything!

One of my good friends, of whom i've known for 10+ years got married to her sweetheart recently. It was a beautiful wedding, and of course i cried like a baby. Happy tears of course.


  1. aww cute! you and your bf look so cute together!! i love weddings :) they make me so happy hehe!

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  3. What a lovely wedding! Coincidentally I just came from one this weekend, my bf's cousin's wedding and she also had cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake! Omg your heels are so high, how do you walk in those? Kudos to you! I'd be tripping all over myself lol

  4. Ohh this wedding looks so lovely ♥ It's just so nice to see everyone happy and to see a friend happy :)
    And whenever I see pictures of weddings I get excited about my own wedding one day :p shhh!! :D

  5. Aww that looks like such a fabulous wedding. Glad you had a great time! Lovely dress!! xo

  6. Was the wedding a morning church affair and then luncheon or a dinner banquet later in the day? I was wondering about your change of clothes and was trying to read and see if I've missed out anything. I love the cupcakes!

    I hope you get to see your pandas this summer. Where would yours be? Ours were new additions to the zoo a few months back. And thanx for following me!

  7. Hmm... I tried to follow you but can't seem to do so. I had to re-login, or am I already following you from way before?

  8. great photos, what a gorgeous wedding

  9. Huh. I didn't even see this post in my feed. You look gorgeous! And them heels! I just ordered a pair of black heels from Zara. They're pretty high for me at 4.5 inches but they feel pretty comfortable (I tried them in-stores). Any advice to not make myself look like a fool by tripping? LOL.

    And those table centerpieces. OMG. I love how they're so many different flowers but how they flow so well!!

  10. Congratulations with your friend!
    What a beautiful couple c: Same as
    you of course c:
    Love the dress you are wearing!