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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The AGO- Ai Wei Wei Exhibition

I've very recently visited the Art Gallery of Ontario mainly for the Ai Wei Wei Exhibition. I know there is tons of controversy about this person, but that doesn't mean his art is any less astounding. His art is so creative, so different and unique, i enjoyed the exhibition very much.

Timeline of his life (no he is not dead)

Took them apart and put them back together without the uses of any nails or screws, and turned it into one piece of amazing art work

I had no idea what these things were until i saw everyone looking through the hole in the centre...

Turns out you can see all of the moon phases, how freaking awesome is that. Mind is blown.

A piece of log from thousands of thousands of years ago, he managed to carve a map of China right in the centre. You see you see?????


So look at this rebel, taking an urn from the era of the king's dynasty and dropping it like "mehh whatever"

So these are all urns from the kings dynasty which he dipped and dyed. "Taking something old and turning it into something new"

He took the names, age and school of 5000+ children who died during the Sichuan Earthquake

Took apart bikes and put them all back together as one. This was so cool

Part of his protest art

An urn with the coca cola sign
A snake made from 500 school bags. I guess it's a tribute of some sort to the children lost in the Sichuan Earthquake


  1. Great post Sandy. I don't know anything about the artist but his pieces are pretty interesting- although I can see where the controversy come in. I love visiting exhibits like this. Looks like it was really enjoyable.

  2. omgosh this exhibit is insane! i love the phases of the moon exhibit that is so neat!! my mind is officially blown too lolol!!

  3. I love how you documented the exhibition. It's badass. I'm still wondering what I think of his protest art though, I really don't quite know...

  4. Whoa, his work is so intense. I like the bicycle one a lot, but my favorite is the moon phase piece. I've never heard of him before, but I'll have to check out more of his work. (:

  5. Wow cool!!!! I always like to visit these things but I never really do so on my own. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. so creative! but.... those little crabs freaked me out!!!!!

  7. Wow his exhibition looks really interesting! I've read a little bit of his art but still don't full understand it, I hope we get this exhibition too!

    re: The r2-d2 lego is actually really small once completed, only about 30cm tall hahahaha but the box is huge!!

  8. I'd love to be seeing this exhibition! This man has some serious
    talents and creativity! I love what he did those wooden stools c:
    And the middlefinger action pictures made me laughed! Xx

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  10. what a great exhibition.. i love to be there to admire their talent.

  11. This is pretty cool!! I haven't been to a museum in a long time. It would be a great date.

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    Gleaming Spire // Bloglovin'

  13. Wow, I love this post. It looks like the two of you had a great time. I was born and raised in Vancouver and I haven't even been to either of those two cities!

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