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Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Fun

Sorry for being MIA again guys. As usual, life got in the way.

Been really busy with wedding planning mostly. I don't know why people think it's fun, because it's far from being fun. If you have the budget, i would say SAVE YOURSELF! HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER!

But we did get most of the important things done though. I did find my dream dress and the bridesmaids dresses...what's left is….i guess a whole lot of other doesn't end.

Whatevs, life goes on.

I didn't do anything for halloween last year, so i made sure to celebrate this year. It was suuuuuper fun!

We celebrated at work with a pumpkin carving contest for each team, a costume contest and i was incharge of taking pictures for our photobooth concept. That, and LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of candy consumption. Urgh, my stomach hurts by just thinking how much candy is still left over.

I got my costume a year beforehand, decided to be a fun UNICORN!!! I fell in love with onsies after wearing this costume =D

The management team all dressed up as Minions from Despicable Me

Fooling around with my work sisters

We are called the "Animals of Admin"

Some cool pumpkins from various teams

This one is from the Merchant team, they won best pumpkin. Very well deserved.

At night, we all went and booked a party room at a friends place to have a Halloween costume party. Had a good time seeing them, life gets too busy sometimes and quality time with good friends are hard to come by. It was really great seeing everyone dress up.

I love it when everyone dresses up!

Boardgames are a must!

Dark fairy and cyclopes

Dorothy and little Bopeep

Banana in Pajamas and an angel


Scream guy with a unicorn and a creeper from behind

Scream dude and Dark Alice in wonderland

Decided to try on the scream mask and make a funny pose

Time to hot the PiƱata

We ended the night with lots of candy in our bellies

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  1. Hey Sandy! I've missed you on the blogger sphere! Good to hear from you and a new blog entry as well; what a treat! The T&T at the Waterfront is as big as the other one I go to in Mississauga. They don't have a large beauty section like that one does but I like their selection of kitchenware.

    Your Halloween celebration looks so fun! I haven't celebrated Halloween since I was a kid. The merchant team's pumpkin was very creative! And I can only imagine planning a wedding. I've never once thought it was fun because I used to watch those wedding shows and I saw how stressful planning it was. So much detail! But I'm sure you'll do a fine job =) Congratulations again on the engagement. I hope you'll share your special day once it happens!

  2. Omg, looked like so much fun! Love all of the costumes and creative pumpkin carvings! haha. And your outfit was so cute! I miss your bloggings... :(

  3. OMG minions!!! haha

    And i say yes to the wedding planner thing.
    My wedding was actually really chill. Like reaaaallly chill. I don't even remember stressing out about it really. The worst part was probably just sending out the invites. I also did mine at a venue so I didn't have to worry about food, chairs, tables, etc. My mom was going to be part mom and part "wedding planner" on my wedding day but I wanted her to just relax and enjoy the day so we hired someone to make sure that everything went smoothly. I seriously feel like I had to do nothing on my wedding day haha it was awesome! :)

    p.s. get a videographer!! I wish I got one for our special day :(

  4. wahh looks like you had a lot of fun~!!
    I wish there'd be a big halloween party in my town <3

  5. This looks like it was so much fun. I love everyone's costumes, and how they all got into the spirit. And the pumpkin contest is so unique!

  6. Haha awwwwesome Halloween party with co-workers and friends!
    The costumes are fun and hilarious c: Xx

  7. Merry Belated Christmas Sandyyyy!! And a Happy New Year!! What did you get for Christmas? You always get the most amazing things, please do share :)