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Monday, October 18, 2010

Shopping Splurges

I'm sure all girls are born with the same interests, the same wants, the same needs. And i'm pretty sure God has put us girls on Earth to Shop. What girl hasn't ever gone out and "shop until she dropped" or go on wild shopping splurges. Be it she's happy, she's upset, or she's bored. The one thing we want to do is spend money, and spend it shamelessly!

Been cleaning my room recently and i find a lot of random items in my room that i can remember exactly how it got there. I can tell you that 70% of these random objects are because of impulsiveness. It's not like i'll get rid of them, no not at all. Each one has a story. Some things i look at and wonder "what possess me to buy this ****", other things were because they were cute or pretty or they seemed useful at that moment, but once you throw it around and loose it and then end up finding it in a corner somewhere again, you remember why you fell in love with it in the first place.

Our helmet brand
Was at the Snowboarding and Ski show this weekend, first time being there. There was actually a lot to look at, so much in every corner, so many colors that it made me crossed-eye. I didn't manage a snowboard this year but i did manage to get a helmet and a pair of gloves. Now that I've seen what type of things they offer and their price ranges, i'll defiantly get one next year at the show. I wasn't able to get a pair of goggles which is kind of bad since i need those and those aren't rent-able. I'll have to find a pair before snow falls.

Bike show?

They had a show going on with i think mountain bikes? It seemed interesting, but as always i'm too short to actually see what's going on, so my attention span towards it wasn't very long. And i wasn't able to get a good shot of the bikers going left and right across the rink, so this crappy shot will have to do. You get the idea right? They should have done a mock snowboarding one, even skateboard would have did fine, but bikes? How does that relate to winter sports?

Our shopping bags from the show
I never thought my head would be a Medium...

Out of the box
Shiny black
The gloves i bought. Love them! they have a leather palm and it can turn into a  finger glove for easy moving.
Even has a zipper pocket for hiding goodies!
Vector for the win!

Oh here's a random picture of Vector's cereal. We were going into CNE grounds towards the better living center when there was a huge crowed coming through. Seems they had just finished watching a baseball game at the big BMO field. There were a lot of people with giant boxes just handing out miniature boxes of Vector's cereal, so i'm thinking, what the heck, this stuff is good! Gonna grab a few. We actually got a lot since every 10 seconds of walking through the crowd, someone hands us another box. So we were munching on the way. I wish i wasn't Lactose intolerant, or else i'll eat this stuff everyday for breakfast...not forgetting fruit loops, honey combs and other children cereals i adore so much.

I've also purchased some random things throughout the week, let me show you my random splurges:

Ole Henriksen- Sheer transformation from Sephora: This stuff is amazing, feels like silk on your face!

Ole Henriksen- Aloe Vera deep cleanser

Smells like mouthwash...but it cleans off grime good

B. Kamins- Matte Moisturizer with SPF 15: Good for Day wear, however  has a bit of sunscreen texture...
Nina by Nina Ricci (mini sample)

Love Love Love this apple smell and the apple shape
Picked up a box of green tea bags from shoppers, planning to drink 3 glasses a day to detox.
And of course i had to pick up an issue of Cosmopolitan as well since Katy Perry is on the cover. 
Lastly, purchased two of my favorite movies online at the cineplex store to add to my collection. Got bonus scene points to boot! Yeah baby!


  1. love love love ur heart collage! how did you make it? =P