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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Turkey Day

Happy belated thanksgiving everyone! It's the time of the year where families get together and be thankful for what we have. I felt joyous yesterday for being able to eat together with the entire family at the same table, because that doesn't happen a lot in this family.
I decided to make a real Thanksgiving dinner very last minute, we haven't made an actual turkey for years and years, so the night before, i went out to the superstore to buy a turkey, mash potatoes and gravy among other things. Although i wanted an over exaggerated thanksgiving dinner but my family doesn't eat a lot, so these few items will have to do.
Jacky came over to spend most of thanksgiving with me, unfortunately he couldn't stay to have dinner with us, he had be home for his own dinner.
Started preparing the turkey at around 12pm, then it was time to wait for the long 6.5 hours for it to roast. I get all excited take a peak through the oven window every 30 minutes.

My dad was helping Jacky repair is leaking tire, the boy ran over a massive nail and it was leaking air. It was as such a nice day outside, a bit chilly but it really felt like autumn, especially with all the pretty colorful leaves.

Later in the evening, i made the mash potatoes and the gravy and finally the turkey was ready, dinner was finally served at around 8:30ish, everyone was starving from all the waiting. It wasn't anything big, but i'm glad it was successful.

Straight out of the oven

Nice and juicy

Lots of stuffing

Time to serve

And of course, thanksgiving dinner has no meaning without a glass of wine for a toast!

A lot of people already went apple picking this year, we also went the day before thanksgiving. Haven't been for a while, we picked a lot of apples! 2 giant bags actually, one bag of green and one bag of red. We went pretty late into the season, a lot has already been picked already.

Waiting to ride the wagon!

no one listens!

Got a yummy pumpkin pie=)

So many wasted apple on the floor
Time for a rest

The red ones were pretty sweet

Funny looking things

Debated on taking one home and making jackolantern

The big giant ones


  1. mine looked better and i bet tasted better~ ;D pfft butterball, homemadeeeeeee <3