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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends

An old picture of the girlfriends i had for years!!!

My beautiful girls

Can't forget my wonderful friends from TD

Love these beautiful people! Yes Henry, you can be beautiful too.

And the family of wonderful people just keeps growing!


Just got home from Cindy's Hot Pot get together. Haven't seen the lovely ladies in a while, good to have us all find time to sit with each other at the same table again. Hot Pot was fun, thanks Cindy for generously feeding our hungry hungry tummies. Jaymie and Lorinda had homemade ice cream being prepared right in front of our eyes with an ice cream maker. They made Ferrero Rocher ice cream. Tasted pretty awesome for something that took less than an hour to make. Now i want a ice cream maker. Imagine how fat i would be trying new flavours that i can come up with everyday.

We also opened a bottle of red wine and i had a cup. It was not as strong as i usually have them, which i like, but then i don't really like alcohol in general so after drinking that half cup, i started feeling a little sick. I have such a blehhh stomach. Overall it was a fun night, gotta do it more often.

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