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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

That would be of course my terrible terrible shopping habit...
I'm a terrible impulse buyer, and every free moment i have, i'd like to spend it at the mall. I feel that when you go to a mall, i won't feel satisfy unless i leave with something in my hand.
I have sooo much clothes, three closets full just because i can't fit them all into one. And what's worst, i still have a few items that i bought years ago that still has the price tag on. I'm trying to change this habit, and i think I've improved a lot. I used to always buy useless things that i thought were cute at one point and then i leave it there to collect dust and eventually forget about it. I try to think about it's usefulness now before i purchase i blow my money on them, and i have to admit, it's still very difficult to do.

Recently, well this year especially i have been obsessed with online shopping. I mean when i first started i'd probably buy something online at least once a week. I love the wide selection and just how easy it is. But it's so bad for my wallet when the bill comes. I shop crazier online than at the actual mall, seeing as carrying bags makes me tired whereas shopping online i can just go from site to site. Fabulous. As we speak, i am waiting for 3 packages to arrive that i ordered from the past month...i'm terrible...
Mind you, i do pay my bills on time and always the full amount, but really, it doesn't feel like i'm saving any money. I need to stop this craziness. I'm using paypal now too and that's even easier to checkout! I gave my boyfriend permission to take my US credit card, so my shopping has gone down a little, which is pretty good. I really need to save for December because there will be so much heavy spending that month.


Watched MEGAMIND today. It was AWESOME!!!! I love it! It is defiantly a must buy for me when it comes out. I want to watch it again already. Such a cute movie. I give it 5 thumbs up!

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