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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends

Polaroid shots (And yes, i am aware that i spelled Rachael's name wrong on the picture)
This was taken during our recent buffalo shopping trip. Fion's leaving for Hong Kong next week, so she decided to have a going away shopping trip. Joy had brought her Polaroid camera, it's so cute, now i want one too =) We took a lot more...20 in total, with really fun poses but i can only show you these so far since i was allowed to keep these three. Got to wait for them to send me pictures=)

The Buffalo trip was really fun, i bought a lot myself too. We went to the fashion outlet, same one that Jacky and I went to last time we were in buffalo. A lot more people there this week than last time we went, it was so packed. I bought a pair of knee high winter boots from Nine West, i really wanted thigh highs, but they all have heels, and i can't wear heels...but this one is nice too. Bought some stuff from DKNY and GAP. There was a huge lineup for Coach, and they were passing out additional 20% off coupons. Jacky got me a medium sized Coach bag for my birthday <3 Thanks. Fion says it makes me look old, but i like it. I really like this other purple colored one too but i can't buy two :( Fion bought a lot of Coach, crazy girl. Me and her both threw away the purse that we brought to Buffalo and used our newly bought ones right away. It was a really long and tiring day. When we finally left, it was dark, but i wanted to go to Target, good thing the GPS was able to locate the nearest Target and we all went crazy with buying stuff in there. Jacky found me awesome Logitech speakers on sale for $12, that's an awesome steal! Next week is black friday and thanksgiving, so there isn't too many sales going on this week. Too bad i can't go back next week :(

This was all on the first day
We got a little lost looking for our hotel, the roads were dark and the highway had no lights. It was pretty scary. But we got there safely but late. We had a late night dinner at the restaurant at the hotel, it was pretty good and walked around and took a lot of pictures. They had a very nice pool area which they made it look like an indoor garden, the balcony from our room see's all of it, pretty nice. Jacky and i shared a room while the other three girls shared another, we had a joint room with them so we could just walk back and forth between the two rooms if we open the inside door. Went to their room after shower and took loads of pictures with Joy's Polaroid camera, it was so fun! And there were so many good movies on at night too, like Narnia II, Elf, Shrek 2, Men in black and some other movies.

Our hotel room with Fion popping in to visit

Next day was cold and rainy. We woke up early to check out and had breakfast at Denny's. After that we drove 2 hours to Waterloo premium outlet mall. I never been to this one before, but it was hugeeeee. But everything is outdoors so it was freezing. It was a Monday so it was pretty empty, better for us i guess. Bumped into Jon while being there, he was with a tour bus shopping as well. I didn't buy too much at this outlet since most of the stores are the same as the ones we went to before. And at this point i felt as though i spent too much already and was really holding back on all the pretty things i saw. We spent practically the whole day there, the girls bought a lot as usual, especially shoes, like timberland and UGGS which they wore right away and threw away their old shoes. The car total, we spent over $1000 already and we thought by wearing some stuff and throwing away some receipts, we could fool them at the border. So when they asked us how much we spent, they told them around $600. They didn't believe us. That is, that lady didn't even check or nothing, just told us to go in and pay taxes. Kinda sucks, spent all this time budgeting and hiding and in the end they didn't even look once and we all had to pay our own individual taxes based on what we bought individually. Taxes were pretty hefty too. Gay, could have bought more, and didn't have to throw away the pretty bags.

Jacky took over driving at Niagara Falls back to home since the girls were tired. We got home pretty quickly and had dinner at some Chinese place. Love these short getaways, but as always, they are never long enough.

Will miss you Fion, have a safe flight!


  1. Hunnieee.... it's for Christmas ar, not Birthday!!! You are getting something even better for birthday. =P

  2. oh really? are you taking me on an exotic vacation?