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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 12- How you found out about Blogspot and why you made one

Well i always knew about Blogspot, but i had always been using my MSN space for blogging so i didn't create an account, but then i figured MSN space blogs were full of unhappy memories and wanted to start something new. I like this much better anyways, uploading pictures and layout-ing is so much easier than it was with MSN space. Blogging has always been one of my favorite pass times, i express myself best when it's written and described in words. I used to write in my diary every night, but then it was a hassle when i run out of pages and it's very tiring on the fingers especially when i write a lot, and i'm so old school, i don't use a computer for diaries, so then i stopped that. I still write in it from time to time when i have feelings that i cannot let the world know, other than that i guess my life is pretty publicized.
I've tried xanga before as well, but i had a hard time maneuvering all their controls and i wanted to keep things as simple as they can be, for readers and for myself, and i find blogspot to be the easiest so far.

Random add on:

Check out my domo nails!

Using all these colors, i created domo!

Yeah it's a bit ugly, but it's hard painting with a thin brush with shaky hands!