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Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 14- A picture of you and your family

Jeez i just realized i don't have a lot of family portraits, this is the only one i found where we're all in it together. Sadness. That's it, gotta whip my camera out and take more!

Lol, not even half the people on my mom's side. Still missing A LOT!

Okay i have no idea who that kid in the red gap shirt is, but ya know...somewhere along the family tree line, i'm probably related to you somehow...everyone else..."WHATUP FAMSHIP! HIGHFIVE!*

Oh my dear cousins whom i grew up with ever since i was crawling in diapers. Cousin Robin, Andrew, and Helen

Ooo can't forget cousin Stephen (Helen's younger bro)
My cute little MAMA with cousin Jimmy and Wilson

Other pic with my cam whoring partner in crime. Love ya babes!
And there is still 50+ more that i have missed, way too many to count. It's crazy!

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