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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 30- Who are you?

Finally the last post for this tag thing!

So who am i? I'm a simple girl, very much so misunderstood in so many ways possible. Very sensitive to words and action and very much so towards peoples feelings as well. Even more emotional than i ever thought i was, but can be very passionate about many things. I'm an extreme procrastinator and won't budge unless bribed or being pushed. Not very good with words, but i can describe how i feel in essay form. I'm a spender, not a saver, and i cannot control where i throw my money. Very childish at times but can be so mature i'd be called old and boring. I prefer going to the mall by myself rather than with someone else, but i would never ever watch a movie at the theaters by myself. i have a sweet tooth and will give anything for candy, and i love bubble tea. No one ever takes me seriously so i learn not to give everyone the time of day either. I don't like to drink alcohol, but my favorite alcoholic drinks are jaggerbombs. I like to collect cameras, makeup and facial masks, i am inspired to be my own casual photographer. I dream of having my own studio one day, maybe not for business purposes but for hobby purposes. I do not like to keep up with fashion trends, rather, i prefer to wear what i think looks good and i really don't care what people think. I like to wear statement pieces with bold colors and strong shoulders. I'm 5'2 and always wished i was a little taller. I'm 102lbs and always wished i was a little thinner. I'm deathly afraid of clowns and dentists, i'd rather take thousands of needles a day than have one visit to the dentist. The worst is when i dream that i'm going to the dentists and a clown is my doctor.
I've never been in a normal healthy relationship, and i'm always envying other couples for what they have and what i don't, this is bad and i know it but can't help it.
I'm very lazy, i want to be able to retire early and go on lots of vacations being i reach 30. I feel like theres inly a couple years left of my youth and i feel like i'm wasting every second of it and i can never get it back. I used to be obsessed with weight loss, but now it takes up too much of my time. The only thing i'm never happy with is my skin and my hair. I'm always never satisfy with it.
I'm a changed woman since highschool, and i learned to appreciate a lot of things more now than i ever did before.
Who am i? I am a lot of things. I'm still finding out as i go along with this game of life. But the question now is

Who are YOU?

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