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Monday, December 20, 2010


I used to hate UGGS, i mean i think they are warm and all that good stuff, but it always reminded me of a duck's beak. And for that i never liked the style and was never into it like how everyone else on this universe is. However, although don't like UGGS, i can't help but to fall in love with a particular pair, and only this pair!
It is the Women's Bailey button UGG. I don't know why i like it so much, but it think that ONE button is soooo cute! You can even wear it two ways, just like that or you can fold down the flap to have a fuzzy rim.

See, two ways of wearing it.

I really need new boots for this winter. It's going to be a very snowy winter. I just came back from shoveling my driveway, and my old winter boots are already kind of breaking, there must be a hole somewhere because my socks are wet!
I'm torn between two colors, i'm in love with the grey and the black one.

I think the dark grey looks cute

And the black looks really good too, and is probably more easy to clean.

I found so many sites that are selling discounted UGGs, but it's so hard to tell if they are legitimate Uggs. I wish i bought them in the states when i went to buffalo.

On a side note, Jacky and i went to Cora's yesterday for breakfast, and jeeez their food was so huge and pretty! Love it there!

I got the smoked salmon Benedict. Look at that apple tower!
Jacky got the special
I give it two thumbs up!


  1. oh yeah, this was the ugg style me and sis liked :) but didn't get ittttttt...... wasn't sure if spc worked. lolol


  2. OMG hunnieee.. you look so skinny in the last picture... you need to eat more!

  3. cin- It's $225!!!! :( they're selling it in a lot of places, i'm sure your SPC works in one of those stores.

    jacky- Nah, just a good angle=)

  4. How can you hate UGGs? : O I love 'em! But I love sheep too, so I can't get myself to buy them. Also u can only mainly get the cheap rip-offs here. Not the ACTUAL UGG label : /

  5. i don't want to get cheap rip offs haha. I wish i bought them when i was in buffalo!!!