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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sasa Haul (picture heavy)

My ginormous package from have finally arrived. I bought mostly facial masks to try out. I loveeee sheet masks, they are so moisturizing, especially since my skin is so dry from the winter air. I wished i lived in the states so i can go to the face shop and browse masks and facial products all day.

All facial products...except the lashes. Actually it's missing my sewame facial cleanser that i left in the washroom, forgot to include it in the picture :(

Laneige multi cleanser (i bought the wrong one, this one doesn't have beads D: ), and the My diary- white pearl mask (love it)
Genie in a bottle acid moisture mask (sounds scary doesn't it? But it's sooooo moisturizing!), also the sewame whiten and pinky mask ( didn't try this yet, but i often love sewame products)
Sana facial masks, sana soy bean serum and skin food tea tree oil serum. I have high hopes for these!
Two boxes of tina's dresser facial masks. They aren't as moisturizing as the other ones.
A box of cettua masks and a box of face Q masks. I haven't tried the face Q ones yet.
Acnes facial cleanser. I like how there are whitening properties in this cleanser!
A few single sheets from the skinlite brand
Single sheets from FaceQ
More single sheets from skinlite (except these you have to rinse off after, i don't like that)
Lots of single sheets from my beauty diary!
And more!
And something totally unrelated to the masks. I bought two pairs of false lashes, i really wanted to try the one at the top, the are made for your bottom lash line. Don't know how they would look, still haven't gave them a shot yet. I hope i don't blind myself.


  1. WOW...look at all those masks!!! What a crazy big haul - I hope they all work out, must hear reviews! ;)

    I love me some Sasa!

  2. o_O I think you need someone to hold onto your credit cards and approve every purchase you make