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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Body Shop Haul

I stepped into The body Shop yesterday and the lady at the door handed me a peel a deal coupon thing. So mine was "Take $20 off purchase $40 or more". So i'm thinking "Sweeeeeeeeet!".
There were a few things that i really liked that i wanted more of and some things that i just wanted to try out.

I'm absolutely in love with their Tea Tree line after purchasing their small Tea Tree set a few months back. I especially love their Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner so this time i just had to buy the giant bottle.  It Mattify's my face very well and makeup goes on so much better, and it also takes off the dirt as well.

I got the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser to try out, and so far it feels very nice. I don't really mind the smell of Tea Tree, i know it can be quite strong for others.

The Vitamin E Moisture Cream is for my mom since she always steals my moisturizers to use. I got use to buying her random moisturizers from high end to lower end to try out. I did try it on my hand though and it feels quite nice, i mean, who doesn't love vitamin E. I don't use creams anymore like i used to, i'm more into using essence and serums and have been for the past 6 months. My skin is less dry than it had been before when i used various moisture creams.

I also got two Hemp Hand Protectors, one for me and one for my mom. I have very dry hands, and this thick cream seems to do the trick for me. I have to admit, the smell is not very pleasant but it does do a hell of a good job moisturizing my hands.

Like i said before, i am in love with their Tea Tree skincare line ever since i bough their mini travel pack to try out a few months ago. looks like this:

Comes with a cute bag
What's inside
I bought it when they were on sale for $12, but i think it's back to $25 again.
I think this is such a wonderful line, i'm almost completely done with all these tiny travel size products and my favorite is of course the toner.

This package comes with the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner- Which i love
Tea tree skin clearing facial wash- It's the the facial foam except in gel form. I like the foam one much better
Tea tree skin clearing lotion- I hate this stuff. I mean it mattify's my face so well but it also dries up my face. I guess it will be good for people with oiler skin, but i have combination skin and my face is very dry in the winter, so when i put this stuff on, it accentuates the dryness so horribly.
Tea Tree Oil- I love this stuff. I put it on my discoloration at night and it had somewhat made it become lighter and when i feel acne coming, i just dab some on and it kills the bacteria and *poof* it's gone!

Defiantly worth a try. This line has helped with my acne so much.


  1. Yay! for such a good coupon deal you got and so glad you found a product that has worked for you, I'm still testing and trying to find the right stuff for myself.

  2. My mum has good skin. So I just briefly took one of her SKII( to use, which I assume is a moisturizer. It's good man I tell you! She gave me a small bottle of eye cream before but the effects weren't that great and I stopped using. But my mum's moisturizer is good! I can feel it reacting once I applied it

  3. che- i'm still testing a lot of things too. you know that feeling when you use a product so much and then all of a sudden it stops working cuz your skin got used to it? happens to me a lot, it sucks! i'm always trying new things and switcvhing products :(

    gillion- i heard so much about SKII, i really want to try too but it's so damn expensive!