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Thursday, February 24, 2011


My friends and i went to Blue Mountain for snowboarding over the family day long weekend. Two days of pure snowboarding as its toll on me, i came home with bruises from top to bottom. Mind you, i'm not very good at this wonderful sport, still need loads of practice. With the icy grounds of that day, let's just say Happy valley did not treat me very well. The lift had kicked my butt! Well my hip bone to be exact, i now have a very big black bruise on my hip bone. Both my knees are very bruised and very tender, as well as my elbow where i had fell rather harshly. Other then these noticeable bruises i had obtained, my entire body feels very sore. This is what i get for not working out a lot.

Other than that, i had a wonderful two day trip. The weather was very nice, aside from the severe hard ice on the hills when the sun went down. Us 6 had gotten a large room that fit all of us. We stayed at the Blue Mountain Inn, our room was beautiful! A large living room, a kitchen and two bedrooms with a bathroom as well as two showers. The bf and i had shred the beautiful masters bedroom, with a nice view of pretty ladies going into the outdoor hot tub lol.

The first day was pretty good, after the long day of snowboarding, we went back to our room and did hot pot for dinner. We had brought all the food and even the pot so we can do hot pot. It was fun and perfect after a day in the cold. We had a nice relaxing night of eating, watching movies and playing cards.

We woke up pretty early the next day since they all wanted to hit the hills early morning, but i was still very sore and my knees and elbows were still in pain from the previous day, so unfortunately for me, i called it quits after around 2 hours of snowboarding. I went off on my own to explore the village while the others continued to snowboard. I never really fully explored the village before, and it is actually quite nice, also very romantic to take a stroll with your significant other. There are sweet spots where the view is gorgeous and many shops and restaurants as well. While i was alone, i enjoyed a chocolate and banana beaver tail. It was so good!

These mini trips are so good, i wish i didn't have to leave so soon. It always sucks coming home and then having to work again, following that same routine over and over again. Can't wait for the next trip, whenever that may be.

I scratched my goggles when i fell :( Only used it twice too! :(


  1. Looks like you had a super fun time on holiday, I always wanted to go snowboarding but never got a chance.

    Take it easy, relax and feel better from all the soreness and bruises!

  2. thanks che! you should try it, it's really fun!

  3. Whee sounds so fun! I need to get me a boyfriend who will do fun things with me haha. Can't believe you guys packed everything for the hot pot, so pro!!

  4. Looks like you had great long weekend! Ay work has made this week feel so long I total forgot we just an holiday on Monday! Hot pot is the best for a chilly day!

    How many times have you gone snowboarding? I wanted to try but the last trip planned I got sick so had to stay home.

  5. nothing beats hot pot after a long day on the slopes. xo

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  6. very very very cute!!!
    follow u honey!