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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shoes Shoes Shoes!

So i had a day off this week, so i went to the mall by myself to do some browsing and shopping. Costa Blanca X were having some sales with their shoes ans i snagged not one pair, but two pairs!! Awesome deals!

Freaking high beige heels

You know...i probably won't wear these a lot, and i'm talking probably 2-3 times a year because i have weird feet and standing in heels that high for even 20 minutes, my feet will be in pain for the reminder of the week. But i never had a beige colored shoe and it was only $21.95! How could i resist???? And look at the animal print? I lope animal prints!

Taupe colored heels
Again, i probably would wear these only a few times a year due to the height of the heels, but i thought these were sort of cute. Taupe colored with a unique flower pattern. These were only $19.99, again, how could i resist such an amazing deal when these were originally $60.

So what is it with girls and shoes? I dunno, it's a drug! IT'S AN ADDICTION!!! I have over 50 pairs of shoes at homer and i probably don't even wear half of them in a whole year. Collection purposes i guess, just like how we are with purses and bags.

Sportcheck was having a store closing sale at Scarborough Town Centre, i wanted to buy new snow pants and jacket for snowboarding but they had nothing! So empty! Good news is they are opeing a Forever XXI in STC in Fall 2011! And it looks like it's going to be huge! So excited!


  1. omg i'm obsessed with anything taupe colored and i'm seriously loving laser cut out ANYTHING.. those booties are SO cute!

  2. Great.. just as I move away from STC they decide to open a F21 -.-'' I lived by the the mall for like 10 years and there wasn't a F21 lol... great.

  3. Those shoes are soooooo gorgeous!!!!!! :) I love beige heels. I've been looking for a pair for months!

  4. i love the second pair. i cant believe they were only $20! xo

  5. nicee Shouss :D

    hugh serah ♥

  6. That's funny how you mentioned girls and their shoes....I just did a post on mine. hehe. All the money I wasted on shoes that were only owrn 2-3 times..... :( Thats just part of being a girl, right? hahaha

  7. Great shoe buys and of course who can resist a deal, I think both are cute for spring too!