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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Belated Valentines Day Everyone!

How was your Valentine's Day? This ridiculously over rated day that 70% of the population hate?

Mine was okay, it wasn't big at all. Seeing as Valentine's was on a Monday this year, there really isn't a lot we could have done since we both had to work and that pretty much takes up half our day.

As a traditional gentlemanly gesture for men, my bf showed up at my door yesterday with a bouquet of roses <3 I love flowers, they are just so beautiful to look at and they smell wonderful. I never throw them out, i like to let them dry so i can still look at them, that is unless they start to get too moldy where they attract bugs. That is when it's time to go.

pink roses <3

We went to "The Keg Mansion" for dinner, it's a very nice place and at night it looks really pretty. Pity that it was so cold, couldn't stay to take more photos. Isn't was ginormous but it was very packed yesterday night so i couldn't "explore"

Keg ceaser
My new York striploin 
Cherry cheesecake whip desert (yuck!)
Bf's 12oz T bone steak
Sp after dinner, we went to Ellington town center to watch a movie. We watched "No strings attached" a cute chick flick movie. Can never get enough of them! It even made me tear for a second, i love movies that makes me cry! But then again, anything can make me cry. There really isn't an off switch for my tears.

So apparently, for valentines day, we somehow had the same idea to make each other a cake. A cheesecake to be exact. Coincidence much?

This is the cheesecake he made me, so pretty!

blueberry cheesecake
And this is the cheesecake i made him, so very ugly compared to his:

Heart shaped new york cheesecake
So we went pack to the parking lot and opened both our cakes after steeling some forks from the nearby metro. We wanted to eat some cake after the movie.

So over all it was a nice quiet Valentines day.
The main thing to remember for Valentines day is to NEVER EVER expect anything. Once you start having expectations, it will ruin the lovely day once it doesn't go to your liking. Flowers and dinner are a given but son't expect anything more than that. Don't expect any bling bling or materialistic things because you will only be disappointed. Just let the day come as it will and enjoy it with the one you love.
Also, Valentine's isn't the only day you should express the way you feel about the one you love or make him/her feel special, if you really care about someone, that should show everyday, spontaneously. I never liked Valentine's Day, i still don't. But when you're in a relationship, somehow you feel mentally obligated to celebrate this day, and when you do you have expectations. And i hate that feeling, so like i said, just remember not to expect ANYTHING, and you will have a great one!

Cheers everyone!


  1. your v-day flowers are gorgeous! your dinner looks seriously yummy :)

    so cute that you guys made each other cheesecakes!! you guys are seriously made for each other hehe.

  2. haha thanks Lisa! Looks like you had an awesome valentines too!

  3. aww you and ur bf are so sweet! :D

  4. Aww your cakes are so cute. Sounds like you had a great day. I've been to a few Keg restos but haven't been to Keg Mansion. My cousin tells me it's nice but that the bathrooms are creepy.

  5. Say what?? Your Vday wasn't big? Haha seems like it to me ^^
    The flowers look beautiful. I love how you two baked each other cakes, so sweet.
    Definitely agree on the 'expectation' part, got that down pat *nods in agreement*

  6. edwina- thankssss, i hope you had an awesome one!

    fannie- the washrooms actually are a bit creepy just because it's quite dim,. but it's nice! has a little couch and a makeup area haha.

    natalie- i thought i was the only one making cake, great minds think alike? LOL, he sooo copied!

  7. your bf is sweet! :) the food makes me hungry lol

    Check out my site, I'll be your personal shopper! ;)

  8. i like how you made each other a cake :)
    <3 any leftovers pour moi? cheesecake is my fave!