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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review: MANDOM Cleansing Express

So what is this stuff?

These are makeup removers by the brand MANDOM (from Japan), and by far the BEST makeup removers I've ever tried. EVER! 
You can't really see it on the picture, but I've completely finished The Cleansing Express Moist (the white bottle) and i'm on my second bottle, but this time I've decided to try the Cleansing Express Sebum (the green bottle) for Oil control. I like them both so far.
This stuff works miracles, i just pump 2-3 pumps on a cotton pad and one wipe across my eyes and takes off all my eye makeup already. And with 3-4 cotton pads, it completely takes off all my makeup, foundation included and leaves my face feeling fresh and so hydrated. It does not leave my face feeling dry or that tight feeling afterwards. Best part is, you don't have to rinse it off afterwards. Just wipe and you're done.
No need to worry about your eyes because it does not sting at all. This stuff looks and feels exactly like water and it is unscented.

It states:

- Perfect for sensitive skin
- No preservatives
- No fragrance
- No colorant
- No Alcohol
- No Oil
- Allergy tested

And what's the best part about all this? It comes with a  PUMP! Don't we all love pumps? Not only that, it comes with a pump stopper thing, so you can just throw it in your bag when you're travelling without having to worry it might explode or leak in your bag or something disastrous like that.

It says "Ready for bed as soon as possible", and it's really true to word. It cleans up the makeup and dirt on your face so well that you don't even need to use a cleanser afterwards. Perfect for those nights when you are just too tired to go through all that nightly face routine. You can just wipe off all your makeup, use a toner if you wish, put on your nightly moisturizer and go to sleep.

How i like to do it is i completely take off all my makeup using this cleansing lotion and afterwards, go over my face once more with a light cleanser with my clarisonic (only because i'm really picky about my face especially when i'm acne prone, i want to make sure EVERYTHING on my face is off). Afterwards, i apply toner followed by my moisturizer.

This holy goodness can be purchased at
They have different kinds as well such as one that contains Q10, but so far I've only tried these two. On the site, they sell it for $14.99 but i got mine at an Asian mall that sells Japanese products for $20 (Pacific Mall). Just because i'm too impatient to wait for it to be shipped.


  1. i wanna try it too!

    pmall no tax, worth the 20!


  2. haha so true
    one day i will mass order from online

  3. Which store did you buy it from at pacific mall? Everyone is cautioning me about fake cosmetics but I haven't been there in ages.

    Is this a make up remover? The description says it's a cleansing lotion. Would you reccomend it if I don't wear make up every day? I just want something to quickly clean my face before late nights doing work. No more face wipes they all dry my face out and cause little bumps.

  4. Hey Fannie!
    I stopped by p-mall to get you the store name today. So they are called "Jealousy" located at A16. When you come in through the front doors (the entrance with escalators), and they are on the far right side. The shops against the walls.

    Yup it's a makeup remover, it says cleansing lotion i guess because it gets rid of all the dirt and grime and actually leaves your face feeling very hydrated.

    Yeah for sure you can use it if you don't wear makeup everyday, there are times when i just use it to wipe my whole un-makeup-ed face and i still manage to see a bit of dirt on the cotton pads (yuck). Yeah i hate face wipes too, give it a go =)

  5. Cool thanks! I am heading to Markham this weekend so I'm going to stop by pmall for some asian cosetics and snacks.

  6. Thanks for sharing this nice review! I've been searching for a nice makeup remover that doesn't sting but was able to remove makeup thoroughly! Does it remove mascara well enough? I've tried a lot of makeup remover and most of them wasn't able to remove my gel liners that thoroughly! arrrggh, I always had to use cotton buds and swipe them which is quite hasstle. I think I'll try this out! Thanks so much for this review ^_^~