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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Years!

新年快樂 everybody!!!


Wishing everybody 萬事如意 and 心想事成!

So it's a tradition to give money in red pockets during this time of year. Usually from elderlies, married adults, married adults with children, your parents, and business customers and alike as a sign of good luck and good fortune.

This morning when i woke up, i discovered to red pockets under my pillow left from my mom and dad like htey do every year =)

It's like the red pocket fairy!
And of course, my mom makes all these New year type foods that lasts us for days. Didn't really go all out like she does every year due to work being busy but it was still very filling.

There were more, but i was hungry!
Home made shark fin soup
Siu yook
Pig feet with "fat choi" and mushrooms
Chicken chicken

And that's all. Hope everyone have a wonderful year of the bunny!


  1. Happy Chinese New Year!!
    lol, my mom made the "Pig feet with fat choi and mushrooms" too! Very yummy!! ^^ Traditions!

  2. ALL MEAT?! o_O

    I helped with dinner, took us 6hrs and some tues night prep

    - Black bean tilapia
    - Chicken.. the yellow one o_O
    - Veggie dish, vermicelli, fat choi, dried bean curd, napa cabbage
    - Homemade sweet and sour pork :D
    - Roasted pig
    - Snow peas and shrimp stir fry
    - Fat choi soup <- that's what we call it o_O
    (Whole old chicken, dry bean curd, fat choi, beans, arrow root, uhh other stuff i don't know)

    roasted pig only thing didn't make :D

  3. whoa, that's overkill ray.
    did you leave any for me? =)

  4. OMGGG youre making me so freakin hungry right now!! hahaa nice post!! <3

  5. oh yes! i wanted to ask you which wisdom tooth surgeon jacky recommended. can you gimme address and name and phone # please?? i figured i should get it done (scared shitless still, but want to make use of the benefits!!)

    let me know bodega is :)

  6. omg i forgot the lamb + bean curd in black bean sauce D:

    was so good but 3 days of leftovers.. not so great x.x all gone finally

  7. Hey I would've loved to do a bb cream post but unfortunately I've only tried BRTC~ which I didn't like anyway because of it gave a grey cast -.-
    I can refer you to some past posts I've read though =D
    If you go to and search within her search engine 'bb cream' you'll get a bunch of hits for bb creams. She doesn't have one post with them all I don't think so that's why I couldn't provide you with a more direct link.
    Also, Stacie had a really nice post that summed them up pretty well:

    Out of all the reviews, I personally want to try the L'egere one =) I hope that helped! If not sorry! XD

    Oh by the way, looking at the meat is making me hungry, it looks all so good!!!