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Monday, April 25, 2011

Forever 21 Haul

So like a lot of people, i have a love/hate relationship with Forever 21. Especially their online store. I hate going into an actual F21 in stores, it's always so crowded! The lineups are long and the change room takes forever! Besides, online always have better selections, free shipping with $65 and over and super fast shipping. That's why i hate you Forever 21! You're like a vampire! I really really hate you, and yet i still buy from them. Such sadness. Anyway...but yeah, it's the shipping that usually attracts me, they are so fast it's crazy. I made my order on a Tuesday, and i got it Thursday morning.

So my big packages arrived, and i was super excited that i forgot to kick my slippers away to take a proper picture. Sorry you all have to look at my giant feet.

Oh what a mess!

This romper looked really good on the website, but it looks pretty ridiculous on me. I think it's my height, i think it's meant for taller people.

The top part is a tube. Looks like i'm wearing shorts with a tube tucked in.

This animal print patterned tube i like a lot more, since i loveeee animal prints!

I also got this flow-ie top with cut shoulders.

Last shirt i got was this plain simple white top with 3/4 length sleeves. I like simple tops. (Hence why i look happiest in this pic lol)

I also got 4 pairs of shoes on the site. One pair of black slouchies, cream colored loafers for work and two flip flop sandals. Bf said the white ones look cheap. Well that's because they are! The white pair of sandals was only $8-ish, best for quickly slipping on and running errands.

And i also got a sky blue colored nail polish, a necklace and a white shell earrings since the ones i had before (from Bahamas) broke!


  1. LOL your feet slippers are so cute. I really like that animal print top! I also don't like shopping at F21 stores because of the ridiculous lines for the changing rooms and cash registers.

  2. I love your feet slippers!!!!

    The animal print top will look super cute with a belt too!

  3. So much awesome goodies, love the animal print tube on you. I have been obsessed with nail polishes and accessories at the moment.

  4. I hate going to the store with a passion! The line ups for changing rooms AND to pay are ridiculously long! I agree that their shipping is really fast, usually comes within 2 days :D That free shipping limit always makes me go out of my way to find enough things! Then I end up returning quite a bit of stuff afterwards lol...

    Btw those loafers look cute :D

  5. I don't think that romper looks silly on you at all. It's quite nice.

  6. i wish i was in the states to enjoy the free shipping,we have f21 sotres in malaysia but their stuff are way overprice :( i like ur shell earrings!

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the leopard top! Might have to go hunt for it but wait....I put myself on a shopping ban!!! ahhh I hate myself!!! *sigh* but must stick to it or else my bank account will be super unhappy! But Im glad you got such nice items, honestly the store is always in such a disarray it's easier to shop online, it just sucks they still charge shipping fees!

    As for sephora's 15% off deal, I only repurchased me mascara because I've been spending a whoooole lot of money lately and really need to hold back >< I love sky blue nail polish and I also bought one from f21! It might be the same one! But I found it was too dark for my type of pastel blue but Im glad it was inexpensive lol

  8. Your slippers are too awesome for words. You got some really nice things!

  9. You got some super cute things! I know what you mean I totally have a love/ hate relationship with forever and yet I can't stop spending money there haha.
    I think the first romper is cute but I think a wide belt would really help as would wearing the romper with high heels! Because it does seem to kind of hang somewhat loosely on you!

  10. I know exactly how you feel about your love/hate relationship! LOL I can never find anything good at F21, but I see people getting sooooo many pretty pieces there. I think it's because most stores look like a mess and I don't like going through everything when it's a mess... ah well! Love the things you got! ^^

  11. the slippers in the first pic is so cute :D :D!! and <3 the leopard print top!

  12. the loafers are super cool! and ive been looking for a pair just like those ones for work.

    i also have a love hate relationship with my f21..i dont even wanna talk about it lol