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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Wedding (picture heavy)

Meant to put this post earlier but i wanted to wait until the pictures came out first.
So who else woke up super early to watch the Royal Wedding?
I think Prince William and Kate are perfect for each other, they look so happy and they are just so cute. Kate is just so beautiful and Prince William is perfectly handsome and charming [except he's balding :( ]
I thought her dress was very appropriate and beautiful, the train was defiantly not as long as Princess Diana's but still very princess-ie.

check out that beautiful lace

The kiss was too short!

the royal family

Such a beautiful wedding cake!
just look at all that detailing!
Another beautiful dress at the reception 
The day after their wedding.
Such a lovely couple and such a fairytale wedding. Can you imagine going to bed one night a normal girl and waking up the next day part of the royal family. A girl's fairytale dream! I hope they live happily ever after =)

Pictures taken from Celebuzz


  1. Amazing wedding! Did you wake up to see the wedding? I just watched it afterward... =p

  2. these are such wonderful photos!! she looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful dress and make up <3 it was like a fairy tale!! love it!!

  3. The wedding was beautiful, i luv her wedding dress, and i like her reception dress as well, great post ~~~

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  4. i love her wedding dress soooo muchh <3 it looked soo good on her :) this is just like a fairytale <3 and that cake looks soo pretty too ~

  5. I love the fact that Kate's dress was so simple and classy! The cake was glamorous and probably just as yummy. But honestly, my dream wedding would happen in Disney World =) hahahahaha

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    The shiseido line is really good but quite pricey if you have to buy everything at once ><

  6. Kate is very pretty women ever .

  7. I loved mates dress too it's very reminiscent of grace Kelly of monacos wedding dress!

    Hehe don't worry chica you'll see the versatile earrings in the next post!

  8. Omgosh I meant Kate not mate and versaille not versatile I hate autocorrect!!!

  9. they definitely make a great pair! i didn't wake up super early to watch it (3AM our time -_-) but i pvr'd it. I'm glad i did b/c i was able to forward through the slow parts... like what seemed like 1 hr of them just in the carriage, waving to people. haha! Definitely like a fairytale! Her family scored the jackpot on that one. ;)

  10. So many pictures I've never seen before. Thank you for the coverage!

  11. oh my goodness!! The cake!!! wow!! i didnt see them and her reception dress!! I didn't get a chance to watch the entire wedding i just watched bits and pieces after i have my cruel final exam =[.. Love you blog!!!