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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clarisonic Review

I've been using the Clarisonic for two years now and i have finally gotten around to doing a review on it.
I purchased my Clarisonic at since at that time, i had a discount code and it came with additional items.
The one i got is the Clarisonic Plus, the original size one that has 3 speeds to choose from. I didn't get the Clarisonic Mia only because they ran out of the pink one i wanted lol.

I still have the original box it came in, and here's what it looks like.

Here's what the box said:

It claims the Clarisonic removes 6 times more the makeup then plainly using your hands with face wash to cleanse your face.

Just in case it's difficult to see the writing on the picture, here are the benefits:

- Clears pores and reduces the appearance of pore size
- Cleanses so effectively that skin care products absorbs better
- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Helps reduce oily areas, dry patches and blemishes
- Remarkably gentle for cleansing all skin types, even with sensitive conditions such as rosacea and acne

So the package i got came with two brush heads. A sensitive brush head for your face and a brush head for your body. It's very easy to take on and off and is very sturdy, you don't have to worry about it flying off when in use.

Body Brush Head
Sensitive brush head for face.
It has a waterproof stand /charger for easy access. I usually just leave it plugged in do i can quickly take it to use and quickly put back. Totally hassle free.

The clarisonic Plus comes with 3 different speeds, one very mild and gentle one, next one is faster and stronger but still feels gentle and the third speed is very fast and a lot of pressure.
The first speed does not do justice for me, so i keep my clarisonic at the second speed. I find that the third speed is too harsh on my skin and it kind of hurts when you use it too long, so i never really change the speed at all.

Theres only two buttons which makes life so much easier. Once you turn it on, it goes for one minute. And it beeps after 15 seconds -->30 seconds --> 15 seconds. And it beeps and the brush rotates to let you know when to move on to a different part of your face. I usually do two runs, so 2 minutes for my face each day since i feel that one minute isn't enough pampering for my face.

The box also came with a few small samples of face wash and a mini scrub for your body when using the body brush head. I don't use these though, i prefer to use my own.

So how do i feel about the Clarisonic? I LOVE it! I used to use it twice a day, once in the morning, and once at night, but now i only use it at night since thats when i have to get my makeup off anyways. Also because my face has gotten a bit sensitive and can be quite dry at some times.

Compared to how i used to wash my face (with my hands and face wash), the Clarisonic defiantly makes my face feel CLEANER. It actually looks cleaner too, after rinsing off and patting dry, my face feels fresh and glowy. Not glowy like an oily face but glowy in a way that it's clean, kind of like you just polished your face and it starts shining.
The benefits states that it cleans your face so well that moisturizers can sink ion better, which i feel is true in a sense. The first month of using this i wake up to a more hydrated face than a dry one which i'm used to waking up to, even though i put loads of night creams.
About it making your pores smaller, that didn't work for me. I've been using this thing for so long, and the large pores on my nose area and my cheeks still haven't gotten smaller. maybe i just have stubborn pores.

You do have to change the brush head every once in a while, and you can easily get them from Sephora. I usually stick with the sensitive brush head or the delicate brush head, since they are goth so gentle and soft.

I would recommend the  Clarisonic to everyone and it's so easy to take to travel too. I went on a one week trip before and i took the clarisonic with me without taking the charger. it lasted the full week (and probably longer) without dying down.

Love it <3


  1. =O I wanted this soo bad but I really didn't want to spend soo muchh!! soo I got the skinsonic!! lol but I just got it not long ago so I can't accurately review it just yet.. but still really curious about trying the clarisonic!!!.. omg do you see the lightening?? it's soo scary!!! >< I haven't seen lighting in sooo long!!

  2. wowww~ i really want a clarisonic but it's so expensive! o___o glad it's working out for you~ ^^ all the extras are a great perk too (:

  3. Thanks for the indepth review! I wanna try this product out!!

  4. great review!!! You have a nice blog :D I'm following1

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  5. yeaa the thunderstorms were sooo scaryyy><!! yeaaa you should definitely talk to those people in the "live chat" thing lol dont know wat it's called haha.. but yea you can jsut ask them wat to suggest to you and they will ask what products u're usign now then they will suggest some and you can then just ask to try soem samples =].. first time they asked for my fone number so they can get my info thru fone so they can send teh samples but then they are in USA soo i didnt wanna get long distance charges lol soo make sure they dont call you lol

  6. so many GWPs haha!! i'd love to try clarisonic too but am worried the plug won't fit in here =_= they come to HK and selling clarisonic with a local-version plug i think but its over 2k hk dollars T^T *cries*

  7. I have the same exact one but in pink!!! Heheh I love it too! I think the first week it really dried out. Y skin and so I stopped using it for a few days and then I broke out everywhere!! It's amazing!! And before I would use like a bajillion makeup wipes to take my makeup off.. But now after I use the clairasonic.. I still use the makeup wipe to swipe and theres like no residue on the makeup wipe!! It's amazing I love it!! Thanks for letting me know how long it would stay charged!!! I was wondering that because I don't want to have to take my charger it's so bulky hehe.

  8. I'm glad this worked for you. It didn't really work out for me. Felt like it didn't exfoliate enough. That's right ... I've got like alligator skin or something it's super dry and flakey and this seems to only make it worse. I've had it for probably 2 years now and I've only used it a few times. Maybe when I move I'll have it plugged and set in the bathroom and use it more often. Good review very detailed.

  9. This has always reminded me of a really expensive toilet brush. Glad to know it works for people who buy it though!

  10. :(:(:( so priceyyyyyy,ill have to save up and get it when i move to the states to further my education lol,as for now T.T its just me and my hands XD