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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Victoria's Day Fireworks!

Happy Victoria's Day everyone!
It was a rainy day, but it has been rainy all week long.
Tonight, instead of watching the fireworks at a public park like we do every year, my friends and i got our own and went to the a deserted park to blow them up!
We were lucky, we were the only ones there at that time and it started to rain really heavily AFTER we were done=)

playing with sparklers

the bf  shooting fireworks

supposed to be a tree, but looks like brocolli 
moon and star
two houses
CN Tower and  the Dome...haha more like a car hitting a stop sign LOL


  1. I LOVE FIREWORKS!!! that's so cool how you drew pictures with the fireworks! i especially love that flower it kinda reminds me of the super nintendo flower hahaha.

  2. I always wonder how to get the sparkles to work,apparently i was using a non smoky ones which don't show up on pictures XD thanks for the comment!

  3. Ahhhh, looks like you had alot of fun!!! ^^

  4. Wow! Looks like you had so much fun!! =D

  5. cool picturessss!!!! Im glad u got a chance to play with fireworks before that hideous rainfall >< I was at home all day pigging out s2 and watching people's firework from my bf's condo =] hehe still a good day off =]

  6. Reply: I think it was just by chance that they had it when I was there... It was soo funny cuz they had it in their protective box, so I had to run to the nearest The Bay to check out the color and swatch it then run back to purchase it! >.<' I had a long long walk that day!

  7. Weeee sparklers and fireworks are so much fun :) Glad you had a good Victoria day!

  8. OMG these photos are epic!
    I'm deathly afraid of fireworks... BUT I like photos of 'em! : D hehehe!

    Thanks for your comment <3 I SWEAR my tummy aint THAT flat >_<" It was a lucky photo.. -hides-