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Friday, July 8, 2011

Just because you are nice to me, doesn't mean i'm all that important to you. You don't treat me like family and i'm never going to be first priority.
No one has ever treated me as #1 before, so i guess i'm never going to be worth it.
I guess that says a lot about me as a person.


  1. aw~~~don't know what happened, but cheer up, just because some ppl dont treat you right, doesn't mean you are not a awesome person~~~im sure there are alot of people who would love to make you their number 1~~~


  2. Hunnn...are you ok??? Feel free to talk to me if u need someone to chitchat.... Hope everything will be fine ..I wanna see a smile on you face real soon ok? :)

    N about my blog.. U're the 3rd person who told me^^ that u can't see my updates on dashboard!!! Yikessss it's been happening for a few weeks already but i don't know who to email n ask :(

  3. Yes totally hate it too.. I'm having some ups and down with my bf right now... Sight it's stupid but I try not to think about it n justt hope everything works out just fine... :(...... Hope you're all better soon... s2

    Awwwwww you're soo sweet.... I was also thinking mmmmmmm how come sandy haven't been commenting for the longest time lol.... Blogger always has too much problems and glitches ><.. it's annoying...

    Thx:)... I took those picture with my iPhone soo its not the best but the food makes the picture turn out better hehe :)

  4. Hey you! Im not sure what happened but what Im sure of is that the only person that can make you 110% happy is yourself! So never forget to love yourself! Pamper yourself and give yourself some "me" love! (according to my bf I do this too often to myself haha) Like going for pedicure, shopping and giving myself treats =P

    As for bows, sorry but I suck too hahaha Im going to need to google up some bow tying techniques! I agree that you need to hunt to find nice things at H&M and I often find that things look nicer where you try it on as opposed to looking at it on the hanger!

  5. *hugs* Naw.. it doesn't say anything about you hun. It says a lot about them <3 You're always worth it, no matter what anybody else makes you feel.


  6. aww hon are you ok??? i see the date is from a few days ago.. so i'm hoping things are better now.. keep your chin up chica.. whoever is messin with you isn't even worth a second of your time!!!