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Monday, July 11, 2011

Haulage for the face

I am so bad with updating on blogger lately! Ends up i put multiple random topics on each post. I'll try to stop my bad habit next time hahaha.

My Package from Paula's Choice has arrived!!! After reading reviews from a fellow blogger, i just had to try these out! As you all know, i'm always on a lookout for different face products, as i don't exactly have a face routine that works for me and that i can stick to so i'm always trying new things.

I purchased the CLEAR set in regular strength that contains a lightweight non foaming cleanser, a toner that contains 2% salicylic acid and the third step is the acne fighting treatment that contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. It does not come with a moisturizer which you are supposed to use after the third step, and i didn't know which one to buy so i purchased Serums instead.
I got one call "Skin recovery super antioxidant concentrate serum" and i loveeeee this stuff.  It comes out like oil form and once you spread it across your face, there is this warming feeling and it absorbs really fast.
I also got a serum from the RESIST line called "super antioxidant serum". You are supposed to use this only at night and i've only used it twice so i can't do a proper review on it yet.
Lastly, i bought the "Clearly Remarkable Skin Lightening Gel" also from the RESIST line. It says it helps lighten brown spots and acne scars so i wanted to try it. I have not used this once yet, mainly because they said it's not good to use it after the CLEAR 3 step face routine thing because the gel has 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid and it's not good to mix that with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide because your skin will have a temporary brown stain and it may result in dry and irritated skin. And since i want to keep using the CLEAR line consistently for some results, i have no idea when i should start using the lightening gel since that also you can only see results if used consistently.

I have been using the CLEAR line for about a week now, and my skin has become really really dry and tight :( I really wanted this to work for me so i'm going to give it another week. I use the 3 steps, and then i apply the serum, and after that i apply one of my own face moisturizers. My skin is so dry, it's starting to peel at the corner of my nose and the corner of my lips. I don't know what i'm doing wrong, i ope it works for me.

So with every purchase, you can pick 3 samples.

I picked the hydralight moisture infusing lotion, barrier repair moisturizer and moisture boost hydrating treatment cream. Haven't tried these yet though.

Also they included a pack of blotting papers for me =) So sweet!

My girlfriend has also came back from her Eurotrip, and we had dinner together and talked for a while. I miss being able to talk about anything and everything with someone and not even realizing that time had flown by. The sweetheart picked me up some souvieners from Venice. Thanks Cindy!

She got me this cute fridge magnet shape as a postal stamp and a snow globe. I love snow globes!!!! Seriously i can stare at them all day.

Last random thing of the day. I went to The Taste of Lawrence with the bf during the weekend and we got this super awesome yummy pineapple drink. They take out the insides, blends it, and then pour it back into the pineapple and you drink it just like that! So yummy. I didn't take a picture of the food we ate because we devoured it too quickly, but i did remember tot take a picture of this =)

If i don't update in the following 2 weeks, i am sorry! I am going on a CRUISE!!!!!!! I'm leaving Saturday morning and coming back the next Saturday! Super excited. Will bring back many pictures =)


  1. I love when my friends come back from a vacay and being me back something. :) That pineapple drink looks so delicious! And have fun on your cruise!!!

  2. wow going on a cruise that should be fun~~~OMG waist long hair~~~thats sooo long, and ya you need to at leats thin it out~~~lol and Allergies are b$thces man~~~hate them soooo much...well i have a orange lipstick b4 by anna sui...but i had to throw it out cuz it was too old~~~and it is flattering, you should try it~~~they are only 5 dollars anyway at shopper drug mart...if you can find it in the clearance section~~~


  3. let me know if the pore cleanser works~!

  4. ohh noooooo!!! why is it drying ur facee?!??!?! =[ omgg im soo sadddd now.. i thought it would work out for you too!! T_T... omgg i feel bad noww..... maybe u are allergic to the serum? or u need moisturizers? or maybe ur own moisturizer isn't enough?... =[ mmmmmm when using the toner. dont rub too hard because their stuff really takes off dead skin soo maybe thats why its peeling and drying? =[

    Alx s2

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    Thanks! kisses, Marti! ;DDDDD
    Glamour Marmalade

  6. Just stumbled on your blog! It's wayyy cute - I love your header. I don't know how you made it, but it's rather awesome.

    And haha, I love this post. Such an accumulation of wonderfulness. Like AH I LOVE THAT SNOW GLOBES. I love snow globes, too. THere's something super magical about them!

    Check out mine?

  7. ohh yeaaaa soem people get dry skin form the 3rd step.. i never do with benzol even with other brands soo i never think of that as 1st cause.. i really hope it works out for you!!! s2!!

    i think u can find the detailed names and steps to my routine on one of my tabs on my blog under FaceFacts =] but im currently trying our a new kielh and neutogena moisturizer soo i didnt update it yet soo ill write it here with my most current routine =]

    1a)if i have makeup then i will remove eye and face makeup with neutrogena, oil free makeup remover (for eyes) and use mac wipes (for face).. then wash face with PC's step 1, repeat once more because i wore make

    1b)if i didnt wear makeup then i will just skip all that and wash my face once with PC cleanser

    2)tone face with cotton pads and 4-6 drops of toner

    3)If i had PC's serum (the one u bough in a white tube)then i would use it now but i dont have it =[ so i use PC benzol peroxide all over my face except for eyes now (i just checked my chat with thier staff and it actually suggested that i use this step AFTER moisturizer not before moisturiser.. opppsyy i didnt know i was doing it wrong lol but i think its working just as good lol

    4) while i wait for my benzol to dry, i apply Olay eye serum and this Vit C serum sample i got from Kielh's on my eyes and laugh/frown lines

    5) apply moisturizer (i am using PC's purple one.. the one that u go a sample of =]..but since im almost out of this i am also trying out Neutrogena's Moisture for sensitive skin

    extra step in the morning:
    6)use Neutrogena's SPF 45 sunscreen for body (but i use it for face lol)


  8. oopsy i think i just wrote u a whole essay!! SORRRY!!!!

  9. yay cruise!! you're gonna have such a fantastic time :)

    i'm sorry to hear that your new products are drying out your face that sucks!! i always want to try out new stuff but i always revert back to proactiv because either it dries me out of it makes me break out.. SOMETIMES it dries me out while breakin' me out WTF?! hahah

  10. ...I'm not sure if I left a comment anymore hmm =\ Oh well if I did, here's another =D

    Oh gosh cruise?! LUCKY DUCK!
    I think everyone has sort of fallen off the blogger radar haha! It's summer so it's no surprise ;)

  11. Wow a lot of products :) I hope you find something that works :) Have a nice weekand! XO

  12. Ohh this cruise looks like it was so much fun! I love Carnival! I love their little towel animals more but I loved it whenever I went to Mexico with my family! I hope you had a blast and the pictures are great :)