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Saturday, July 16, 2011

July's Luxebox

Hey everyone. Got to head to the airport in 5 hours, i get 3 hours of sleep tonight hahaha! Then Miami here i come!!!

Here's July's Luxebox

Again with the damaged box. On the bottom this time

Stella sample perfume in "Peony"
Trucco lip liner (why is the box damaged??!! rawr!)
Essie nail polish in " in stitches"
Argan oil sample (hair oil treatment)

Haven't tried any of these yet but so far i think i'm going to love this nail polish!


  1. o0o, nice box! But yeah, boo that the box was damaged. =( At least you got an essie polish. =D

  2. I can't wait to go back home n see what color polish I got!!!! But I reLly don't want the lip liner lol

    Btw.. I totally understand what you mean about bf having perfect skin ! Darn it!! We spend soooooo much money AND time trying to heal our problems :(.. Sigh I really hope PC works out for you s2

  3. I got the lip/eye pencil? (I'm not to sure where its for let me know) in this horrible forest green..! What color is yours?

  4. Hey sweetie!!!! Nice luxe box! Omg seeing everyone open theirs makes me want to join it again but I really really and I mean REALLY need to save for my trip haha Oh wow!!! Miami!!! That sounds stupendous, especially since you know it will be nice and warm there! Are you going to be shopping lots there? Travelling is one of the best self indulgences ever!!! I personally think it's a much healthier thing to be positive than negative, besides why be unhappy over something/someone that isn't even worth it right? =D I've been down that road before and trust me, it took a lot out of my to forgive this person and forget and most importantly, move one but I'll have to say that it was one of the greatest thing I've done for myself! =D Okay, I'll stop preaching here hahahaha

    Thanks so much entering my giveaway and enjoy your trip!!! I hope you do some posts about it when you come back =P

  5. I want to start getting Luxeboxes too! I've been contemplating! Your contents seem pretty awesome though. Nice nail polish :)

  6. oooo i love that nail color!!! have fun on your trip! :) i love the idea of those boxes!

  7. Omgoshhh Miami?? You lucky duck!!

  8. Is Luxebox the same or similar to Birchbox in the states? I think I've heard of Luxebox off a YouTube video before but nothing is coming to mind at the moment. That mini Essie bottle is so cute!

  9. i bought the stella perfume a couple years back. they were discontinuing it at sephora, so i got it at a great price, it's a nice and light scent! <3

    hope you're having fun on your trip!!!

    m ! ss Y

  10. These boxes are such nice surprises every month.

  11. the luxesboxes look so cool and so nicely packed aswell, its like pressies every month :D

  12. ohh you're going to miami?!?! that's exciting that's one of the places i've been dying to travel to!!

    that essie polish is so pretty! it's like a pretty rose color.

  13. Love the packaging! Cute Essie bottle!


  14. You and candy haha! Hmm I catch word of all these freebies from all the sites I follow =3

  15. Welcome back Hun, how was you vacay? I'm soo excited to go on covered next week! First time in 11 years to travel outside of Canada omg i can't wait!!! Going to the states I can't wait to do some wallet-damaging-shopping!! LOL

    Yea i only liked the skincare stuff..the eyeliner i got is hideous.. The colour is soo reddish lol.. Gonna make my eye look soo swollen n red lol so im using it on my lips instead since it's so creamy n moist