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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My vacation- Western Caribbean Cruise (picture heavy)

Hey everyone, I just got back from my vacation last week and unpacking has been taking up all my time as well as work. It sucks when you have to jump right back into work when you get back when your mind is still in vacation mode!

So i took my family, my uncle, aunt and my grandmother on a cruise since they've never been before. We went on the Carnival line and our ship was called the Carnival Liberty. It was a total of 8 days to the Western Caribbeans. The port was in Miami, so we had to fly there. The 3 port of calls were Cozumel Mexico, Grand Cayman, and Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Had a lot of fun, i love cruises!

Leaving Toronto
On the ship, waiting for it to leave

playing bingo

Mom on the slots
we get a towel animal every night
Cozumel, Mexico

Watching Megamind
front of the ship
playing chess with mom
watching the little fockers
Grand Cayman
Seven Mile Beaches- Tiki Beach
Finally caught a sunset
Ocho Rios, Jamaica
A stray peacock roaming around
A random beach beside a restaurant we ate at


  1. Omg!! Your cruise looked like so much fun!! I'm thinking about going on one too....maybe next year. I can't make up my mind! A cruise or hawaii?? Haha. I heard carnival cruises are one of the better ones (and more fun.) I know what you mean about coming back from a vacay and having to work right away. I hate that! I'm glad you had a good time. The food looks yummy!

  2. What a fun vacay!! Love your pics. =D

  3. Sandy I'm so JEALOUS! Your vacation looks absolutely amazing and relaxing :)

    I bet you had a great time for sure and you look lovely! Towel cute!

  4. OMGOSHHHHHHH!!! I literally had my jaw open the whole time while scrolling. Going on a cruise is on my bucket list!! Lovee the pics. Everything looks so relaxing. Ah so lucky~ I've never even been on a plane before either ahaha! The closest to flying is the pics like yours I've seen out of a plane XD

    Oh thank goodness for you Sandy. I love you <3 For a moment I seriously thought no one "got" why I blog the way I blog. It made me sad =( But then I have to keep reminding myself that I have to blog like no one is listening. Otherwise others opinions will influence me to blog differently to something that just isn't me. I LOVE YOU SANDY! (In a non lesbian kind of way haha) XD


  5. I miss the food from the cruise... but I'm going to LA and Vegas on Monday!! YAY ^^

  6. DUUUUUDE your cruise looks waaaaay way better than the one i went too.. movies on the deck?! so COOL.. and your food looks so much better.. what cruise line is this?

  7. woahhhh the pictures from your cruise looks like it was so fun! (: The cruise looks so extravagant and the food looks delicious~ My parents have never been on a cruise! So I wish to someday take them on a cruise too :D I'll check out Carnival cruise cause it looks like it was so much fun ^^ & the towel animal is so fun and creative of them XD

  8. it looked so beautiful! i have only been on a cruise once and it didnt look as great as that!

  9. This looks sooooo fun!!! I definitely need to put cruise on my list of things to do asap! I use to never pay attention to cruises because my parents drilled it in my head that since Im young I should do the ore hardcore things first like Egypt etc. but I wanna enjoy a cruise too when Im young!!!! =D The food all looks soo good and omg those beaches!!! The ship looks so luxurious too, you're so sweet treating your parents to this trip!

    Oh dear, I also get withdrawl symptoms when I get home from my trip, it usually happens a week after I get home LOL Oh and to respond to your comment Im 5'2"! I think Im going to make a bio or something like that so people know about proportions etc. lol (should've done it a long time ago ><)

  10. SOSOSO jealous. The things i would do to be on a hot sunny beach right now. looks like you had a wonderful time <3

  11. I love voyeuring vacation pictures. I've never been on a cruise before coz I tot I would rather spend the money visiting a new country and immerse in their culture. However, looking at cruise pictures and hearing about how everything is included in the whole package entice me at times.

    Is it common for animal towels to be "folded" for cruise? I saw my friend's cruise pictures with folded animal towels every day too.

  12. Ah~! Haven't had the time to catch up on reading blogs! Just wanted to say agreeeeeed with your comment on my blog. Lol can't say much because I try to keep everything people say there anonymous so yeah, just wanted to say I agree!! And I don't think I was that polite when I said it to that lady haha. Oh well, she deserved it ;P

  13. looking at these pics im just a little jealous.... actually no, im REALLLLY jealous!!! i wanna go on a cruise never been to one!