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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hawaii Love

I've recently won a giveaway from the beautiful Che, also know as Lovefemme. Thank you so much hun, this is my first time EVER winning any type of giveaways and you can imagine i felt ecstatic!
Please check out her page here, she has amazing style, amazing nails and have an incurable online shopping habit like myself =p

Some shadows and a bronzer from wet and wild in very lovely colors! The one at the bottom shattered in the mail i suppose, but it's still a beautiful gold palette.
Mini O.P.I nail polishes from the Katy Perry line. Such lovely colors!
ECOTOOLS brushes made from bamboo. Haven't tried yet but they feel pretty soft.
Wet n wild lipbalm. Love lipbalms!
A double balmstick from victoria secrets. This sort of melted in the mail i guess because the lipstick was leaning towards the cap but i loveeeee it. It makes my lips so soft and gives a hint of color =)
Super cute Hawaii hello kitty keychain and magnet =)
And a matching hello kitty makeup bag. <3
Once again, thanks so much Che! Loved everything from your package!


  1. That looks like a really sweet package - congrats :D

  2. Congrats! The prizes are amazing. =D <3 the Hello Kitty!

  3. Yay! So glad you got it but I'm bummed one of the palettes broke :( I really hope you enjoy a little bit of sunshine from Hawaii Sandy :)

  4. aww congrats hon!! you got some really cute things especially the katy perry nail polishes!!

  5. i am loving the helloe kitty key chains!!!!AH!!!! they are soooo cute...ive always wanted to try WnW eyeshadows...but they are quite pricey at wal-mart, plus we dont have as much choice as girls down in the States....but they look nice though
    you know if you want to customize your cake i got mine from Louise XIV @ commerce Gate...its not cheap, but the cake is pretty amazing


  6. what an adorable package! lots of awesome and CUTE loot! I love your hello Kitty goodies!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  7. Such a lovely giveaway package. Adore the OPI nailpolish. I have some eco tools brush coz I'm into the environment. I read reviews saying that the brushes are soft and great to use.

    Just in case you don't check back, I replied you on my post.

    Welcome here and thanx for dropping a little note here. Eh? Where as in where exactly in Maldives you mean? I'm a little confused here coz the title states Maldives so I guess you meant which part of Maldives? Maldives is made up of many islands and as stated, the resort is called Constance Haleveli Resort which is on Alifu Atoll.

    I will go on a cruise some day too. Just to see how it is like! =)

  8. Wow nice win! The goodies look great, especially the cute hello kitty stuff! Omg Wedding dress was playing when I visited your page, I even popped the comment window out onto another tab so I could listen to it LOL!!! <-- dork! I also have an eco-tool brush I bought during my fairly noob stage, I never got around to using it because it's a foundation brush and I don't wear foundation -.- lol

    Im definitely looking forward to doing a cruise! I want to do one that goes to Greece, that way I can visit Greece and enjoy the seas both at once! As for finding pants, it's really a hit or miss for me! Sometimes it's just a little long and scrunches up perfectly, I personally like a bit of scrunch but if it's too much then I need to get them hemmed! I normally only have to hem any sporty bottoms lol

  9. Congrats on winning! It's a great feeling winning for the time right? ^^ I remember winning my first one a long time too and it felt SO good! Actually winning ANYTHING feels good LOL. Something about free stuff and beating the chances haha!

  10. WOOHOO!!!! CONGRATS on ur first win!! omggg i was sooo happy when i won jessy's giveaway tooo i was like no way REALLY?? YAY!!.. omg i love ur prize pack!! soo many shadows and lipies =]


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  12. congratulatios on the win! i love all the HK goodness! :D

  13. Congrats on winning dear! OMG the little Hello Kitty keychain and magnet are to die for! How cute are they?! :)

  14. Congrats on your win!!!!!! :) I really love the tanned Hello Kitty! ^_^

  15. thank you hun!! i tag you with the awards as well!! hehe =]

  16. those hello kitty items are sooo cute! congrats and hehe I love online shopping too