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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mini Sephora Haul

I wasn't planning on buying anything from Sephora because I've been trying to save for my Hong Kong trip, but they sent me an email for V.I.B's appreciation weekend
saying that if you spend a minimum of $35, you will get a free gift pack. And of course i cannot pass up on these type of goodies because i LOVE gift sets with everything random inside. Lancome, and Elizabeth Arden gift  with purchases always gets me too.

Anyways, i couldn't really decide what to buy since i didn't want o go totally over $35 even though there are SOOOO many things i want from Sephora that i'm not willing to spend so much on at the moment.
I picked up the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Can you believe i still haven't tried this yet? Maybe it's because i haven't been wearing a lot of eye makeup this year. Too lazy to put on makeup when all i'm doing is being stuck at work. No one to impress LOL...sigh... So i finally bought it in their new packaging and tried it once. I really like the formula.

Another thing i got was the mini Urban Decay All Nighter Spray. I've heard so much about this product from Guru's on Youtube and always wanted to try it. But i was a bit hesitant on spraying weird stuff on my face when my skin is highly sensitive and can breakout almost instantly. So i bought the tiny bottle to try and i used it once. It really does keep your makeup on for a long while. I used it on a really hot day when i was outdoors almost most of the day, and although it didn't keep the shine away, my makeup didn't melt away as fast as it usually would under hot weather.

I love how the gift comes in such a cute box, i can imagine putting some jewelry in there.

The gift came with 8 samples, and their size is just too cute!

Nars Pore Refining Primer
Laura Mercier Mascara
Stila Lip gloss
Phytolisse serum for hair
Fat Girl Slim skin firming lotion
Miracle Worker anti aging moisturizer
Benefit perfume
Tokidoki perfume (cute tiny little roll on bottle)

Haven't used ANY of these yet. i'm really bad with samples, especially the cute packaged ones. I never want to use them and want to keep them forever....

Also, i found these at shoppers...

Milk and white chocolate fish and chips! How awesome is that! There are milk chocolate fishes and white chocolate shaped as fries!!! Love white chocolate! <3


  1. great haul! i've been eyeing out the all nighter for some time now. lmk how you like it. also that's such a cute gift!!

  2. The fish and chips are so cute! I wanted to take advantage of that VIB deal but told myself I had to be :P I haven't tried the All Nighter Spray but lurve UDPP!

  3. super jealous of your goodies! no sephora over here so i can only get this stuff when i travel..

    UD primer is the most amazing stuff! it really helps bring out the colour of the shadows and of course, helps it stay! i love smudging a bit on the bottom lash-line when i wear eyeliner , too. haven't tried the spray yet but that's now on my list!

  4. Omg I'm so jealous!!! The pack is so cute n there are some good stuff inside!!! :(... I want !!!! . Don't worry ure not the only one who hasn't tried the UD primer cuz I haven't either!! Just got my naked palette( I know I'm so out of loop) lol but better late then never!

  5. Oh was curious to see if the setting spray works good since my makeup melts odd due to the heat :(

    Nice min haul though, all great products and cool sample freebies you got!!

  6. The gift with purchase came with soo many products!!! Great haul!!!

  7. I live the cute little samples. The Urban Decay primer works so well. I bought one a few months a go and I absolutely love it! Let me know how the Laura Mercier mascara turns out. :)

  8. I want to keep all my samples forever too!!! I'm the same with the whole 'I want everything from Sephora but I don't want to spend the money' haha! I had to force myself to resist the VIB gift because I have way too much samples anyway to use up =X

    And the chocolate fish and chips is SO cool! I like random things like that haha!

    No I didn't get a tattoo. My sisters wanted their cartilages pierced =]

  9. so cute!! i wish i had known about this VIB deal!!! i love UD primer.. you have to tell us about the makeup spray!! and if it really stays on!!

  10. yeaaa took soo long!!! omgggg and its gonna take me forever to get all my followers to join my new blog instead =[.. for one minute my old blog started to work.. I was soo happy but then it stopped again =[ soo i guess Thisisalx 2.0 it is lol.. but i really wanna use my old blog instead =[ soo saddd.. oh well haha.. i think my new blog is having problems as well!! like it delays my updates lol but i guess its better than not showing up at all!??! =P lol

  11. Oh Sandy, you are too sweet ^^

  12. Omg after reading your post it makes me just want to run out and get mine! Being VIB really sucks more money out of you lol but Im trying to be a good girl and save for my trip >< I for sure want to try the mini urban decay all night spray! I've heard amazing things about it and who doesn't want their makeup to last?

    haha Some people think its so cliche to have pet names for their partners but my bf has never called me by my name even at the start of the relationship lol so it sound soooo weird when he uses my real name, he doesn't even use it around my parents LOL

  13. oh great choice on products! love those products from urban decay! I did a post on those products (esp the spray) and how it has photoshop technology! lol

    ur blog is so cute! I'm ur newest follower! hope u can follow me back!

  14. nice stuff.

  15. Great haul! I love the little travel sizes in the box super cute! xo -Taj

  16. I love the all-nighter spray.

  17. I can't believe you haven't tried UD's Primer Potion yet! It's the holy grail of primers. I actually prefer Eden over the original formula because it's matte. Have fun with all your goodies!