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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Taiwan Festival and FOTD

The past weekend, the boyfriend and i went to the Taiwan Festival that was hosted by Telus downtown at the Harbourfront Centre. It was...small...quite disappointing. I thought it was going to be like the Asian night markets with tons of booths filled with yummy food. But no...there were only 4 booths that sold food.
We went on the first day, and i don't know it the people were unprepared but we lined up for nearly an hour with the line barley moving for a bowl of soup (that wasn't so great) and a Taiwanese Oyster pancake (better than the soup).

Aside from food there was also some dancing and vendors selling random things. Harbourfront is always a nice place to go to relax, it has a great view of Toronto and we get to see the calmer side of things.

what are they doing?
jelly beans!

Anyways, i haven't put on makeup for a long time, and i decided to play with it again. How do you like it?


  1. That food looks so good and your pics are really pretty. Your makeup is flawless. You look really pretty.


  2. hey sandy.

    so many brands and products i want to try out but all us or uk. even when they come to canada the price is always higher.

    love love your make up. very pretty. i was at harbourfront front center on Friday for a company boat cruise. beautiful view of the city. my bf actually works in the building u took a picture of with your bf.

  3. Pretty FOTD =D Love your top too! Sorry to hear it was only four booths. At least the pancake was good. Harbourfront looks like a really nice place.

  4. beautiful fotd!!

    sorry the festival was disappointing! it's soooo hard to find good taiwanese food where i live too!! whereas in taiwan, any random stall on the st will be freakin amazing!

  5. Yeah, I hate showing up to a dead event. I feel like it was a waste of time and hopeful energy. Your makeup looks beautiful though!!! I like it a lot! :) I love green eyeshadows ..........that's my absolute favorite color.

  6. Simply sweet and not too overdone for someone who hasn't been putting on make up for a long time. The "No wading in the pond" sign got me laughing at my screen. The hubby thought what happened.

    It's sad to have only 4 food booths. Taiwanese street snacks are awesome! I like Taiwanese or ah mee sua (oyster with vermicelli). Do they have that at the fair?

    I realised that I stopped by your blog a few times but have yet to follow you. Gonna follow you now! =)

  7. omg this fotd looks very good! you look so fresh ^^ love it

  8. bummed that there wasn't more yummy taiwanese food.. although truthfully the taiwanese food they did have didn't look that good hahaha.. where's the taiwanese sausage?? and the ground pork over rice w/ egg and the fried pork chop?! hahaha

    anyways love your makeup.. it looks like you did a little pop of teal or blueish green? it's very pretty on you :)!

  9. omg u posted soo many new posts!! been too busy and lost lately!! lol finally catching up in replying messages as far back as from my glymm posts! =S but omg jelly beans!! yum yumm i cant wait to get my sept glymm box!! did u sign up yet? Im sooo excited for the wedding party i have on sat!!Thank you for suggesting the styles form my blue dress!!

    btw u look soo pretty with makeup!!! and false lashes!! i cant do false lashes =[ sooo sad


  10. food looks yummy, looks like you had an amazing time. love your makeup

  11. Why was I NOT at this festival?! I love food of all kind!

    Your makeup is so pretty<3

  12. I have to admit that the food doesn't look that great. I think the soup actually looks better, but tastes might be completely off. You on the other hand, look great. Your look reminds me of one recently featured on frmheadtotoe.

  13. such a fun filled day! i love your FOTD. so fresh and lovely! you are very pretty anyways!
    love your flawless skin!
    i followed you!
    hope we can keep in touch!


  14. Awww it's a shame that the festival didn't live up to your expectations! I also love the night market! I wish they had it year round LOL But I guess not that many people would do it if snows and rains though, which is like 70% of the time in Vancity T_T I think you look really pretty!

    We haven't had any storms etc. over here on our end, omg you're going to hk?! whennnn? =D

  15. Ohh please do a tutorial on your eye makeup! I love, love, love the green!

  16. awee, I love your first 'mouthwatering' pic! it looks super yummy XD~ and what a cute FOTD, you're lucky to be blessed with such a flawless skin =D

    btw, Can I invite you to join my Luview Cosmetics GIVEAWAY , thank you ^^

  17. aww I'd be disappointed too! I love Taiwanese food - but the oyster pancake looks pretty good at least! :)

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  19. You look so cutee and the food festival looks like a ton of fun.. too bad the food was not too good. :(