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Monday, August 29, 2011

August's Luxebox

My August Luxebox has arrived! This is actually my last one, i'm not sure if i want to continue with Luxebox though...I may skip a couple of months and see, at least until i get back from Hong Kong.

FINALLY! A box that is NOT smoooshed!

Laura Mercier- perfecting water- Rich
This is like a toner, it really moisturizes my face and i love it! I'm thinking of getting the full sized product that is actually a spray! Imagine how much product i won't be wasting!

Lip Plumping Treatment- City Lips by City Cosmetics
Don't like lip plumping products and never going to try them. This was a no for me.

Proclaim- Cocoa butter hand & body lotion
I actually quite like this hand cream, it moisturizes very well, but i'm not a huge fan of the smell.

Cheeky Monkey- Nail Polish
Another nail polish! Omg, give it a rest already! Though i never used this brand before, i don't think i'm going to use this. I don't like this color at all it's like a dirty reddish maroon/brown color. This was also a no for me.

There was also a surprise gift in there. A pair of pearl earrings from Sheyna. Very cute! I am pleased.

There is also this new moisturizer I've been trying out and i quite like it! It's a brand called Merlot and i believe you can only get it in the states. I saw some youtubers use it and and i wanted to try it. It's a drugstore product and i think you can get it at walgreens and ulta. I had to get my sis in law to help me snatch one! Apparently, they were sold out in a lot of walgreens.

It came with a sample size of the Merlot's grape seed night cream. They are both made with grape seeds with has antioxidants in them, and it has SPF 15!
I forgot to take a picture, but the day cream is a purple color just like grapes. I wouldn't say the texture is light, but i wouldn't say it's think either. It doesn't make your face feel heavy though and i find it very moisturizing. I've been using Ole Henrickson's Sheer transformation and Philosophy's hope in a jar for a while now but i wanted to see if i can find a cheaper alternative. So far this is working quite nicely.

As for the nice cream, it is white in color and is a thicker consistency. Very moisturizing and leaves your skin feeling very hydrated in the morning. I love it too, and i like how the sample size is very generous in size and i can take it along on vacations =)

Also, i finally picked up the silver shatter! I think it looks so much better than the black shatter, not as harsh. I have yet to try it though. I'm trying to let me nails breathe for at least a month before i start putting on nail polish again. Too much abuse for me nails lately.

And i've recently ran out of shampoo and conditioner and was on the hunt for a new one. I never like to use drugstore brands because they make my hair so dry when my hair is already so damaged from hair dyes. I've tried many different Japanese brands but none seem to really give my hair the moisture it needs.
A lot of bloggers have been talking about the Essential brand so i'm finally going to give it a try.

Got it in a box set! Comes with shampoo and conditioner as well as a full size treatment and a sample of some sort. All this for $34, i think i got a pretty good deal! Can't wait to try it out. I love Asian shampoos the most mainly because they come in pumps!!! =)


  1. ohhhh i love looking to see what people get in their birch/luxe boxes hehehe.. i agree that nail polish color is not cute hahaha

  2. i've heard great reviews abt the merlot moisturizer!! i always see it at my drugstore but never wanted to grab it. can't wait to see how u like it!! and i love asian shampoos/conditioners too. they work so much better...prob bc their made for asian hair??

  3. I was almost tempted to sign up for luxebox, but all the reviews I've seen the people weren't exactly thrilled with their stuff. :( I like how you've been getting laura mercier products. That brand was probably the only reason why I considered it....hehe.

  4. Oooo I totally want to try that moisturizer. Let me know how you like the silver shatter. I haven't given in and grabbed a bottle yet ... Saw someone put shatter over some glitter polish and it looked pretty cool. Have you tried birch box? Saw some people blogging about it. I don't have luxe or birch box.

  5. Cute blog!!!! i just started following you!

    The Niknok Style

  6. It stinks that you dislike nail colors. That's one of the reasons that I love looking at posts of these boxes, but don't really have the desire to get them.

  7. Ooh Essentials! I've been wanting to try out their hair masks because I heard they're REALLY good. But first I have to finish my L'oreal one.

    Hm as a reply back to your comment, I didn't end up getting any jackets because I was most I tried weren't on sale yet haha! Fall season and all- still spankin' new! I do have some things I want to share though that I haven't yet. So lazyyy.

  8. Wow, so many nice things! I really like those earrings. Very cute *^_^* I agree with you on the Silver Shatter. I like it a bit more than the Black.

    (Me too! Asian buns are soo yummy =)

  9. Like the earrings very much! :D btw I keep getting a rush of feelings everytime I drop by because of the song! :D

  10. hi :) i found your blogspot when trying to figure out which face cream to buy (ole henriksen sheer transformation or philosophy hope in a jar). I see you use both. Which one do you recommend/prefer more if you had to choose between the two? Thank you! Love your blog btw :)