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Monday, August 22, 2011

Weddings (picture heavy)

Remember when we were younger and we didn't have to worry about anything except maybe some homework from school or what to do on the weekends? Remember back in the days where boys had cooties and your first man crush was probably someone from the Backstreet Boys? Remember your first crush on a boy that you know but you weren't capable of loving because you do not fully understand what it really is?
I remember when I was little and my parents took me to many many wedding dinners and I didn’t understand what the big deal was with all the people dressed up all pretty and a girl in a long white dress with nice hair.
And then as you get older, you start to realize the significance of marriage and how romantic it is. At a young age, you already start fantasizing about your dream wedding and your knight in shining armor.
A girl’s wedding is the most important and most memorial day of her entire life, who here has not fantasized about their own wedding?

This year must be a really good year for lovebirds to get married. It is such a lovely topic and makes me smile every time. I have four friends who got married this year, and I had an enjoyable time looking at their happy wedding pictures and a fantastic time at the weddings that I attended. Aside from that, I have three friends who have just gotten engaged and four wonderful co-workers who are also engaged, to be married before the year is over.
I cannot express how happy I am for them, especially the ones whom I’ve known since elementary school. It’s so heartwarming to see your friends happy and moving on to the next step of their life with their life’s partner. Congratulations!!!!!
And like every girl with their girlfriends, what is the first thing we squeal?
OMG let me see your ring!!!!”

So why is the ring so important, why is it so special?
It’s a devotion of love, it’s a symbol that your heart belongs to someone and you wear it for the rest of your life. How important is that?
And with that being said, with something being so special that you are to wear it until the day you die, who doesn’t fantasize about their dream ring, or designer dream ring?
I’ve already had my dream ring picked out when I was in my teenage years, but HAH! I think I’ll have to marry a celebrity or a millionaire if I ever want that beauty on my finger LOL.

My dream ring:

Picture screenshot from the Cartier website. 
Isn't it gorgeous????? *sigh*

I see a lot of engagement rings that look like this:

Picture screenshot from the Tiffany&co website
I’m not really into this style because it looks too plain. I know a lot of people loves it for its simplicity, I admit it does look quite nice, but I guess I don’t like simplicity…

I suppose my favorites so far are all from Cartier, Tiffany’s or Chanel (who can deny they look totally gorgeous!)

Here are some more beauties from Cartier:

With the wedding band. So pretty!

Some of my favorites from Tiffany's:

I think this ring looks gorgeous; I love how it looks like an eye. It looks so different from what I usually see.

With the wedding band

And some beautiful Chanel favorites:

Doesn't this ring look gorgeous?

And of course here are some that looks corky and funny and makes you think “who would have thought of that?!”

pictures from google images
I love listening to peoples engagement stories and looking at rings. I loved my mother’s engagement ring, but it was stolen when our house got robbed years ago. It was so sad. My dad soon got her another one but she only wears her wedding band and leaves her engagement ring at home. But I remember the first time I’ve seen it, it was a beauty. She didn’t have much of an engagement story to tell me since hers was an arranged marriage. But I hope mine would at least be somewhere exotic like Vegas or beautiful Caribbean’s *sighhhh* my mind is still on vacation…hahha

Ladies, so what are your dream engagements? And my married ladies, how awesome was yours? Haahaaha I’m so noisy lol.

Yesterday I went to my boyfriend’s buddy’s wedding. The groom looked charming and was marrying his sweetheart of 6 years. The bride looked beautiful, and everything was set up so nicely. It really is so happy seeing couples coming together, I should have been a wedding planner or something since this stuff makes me happy hahaha.
The wedding was at Four Seasons Hotel at Downtown Toronto (we even got valet parking =D ), such a beautiful place and everything was decorated beautifully. It was a mixture of a western/Asian wedding, serving western type food. A very romantic setting and I had an amazing time. Though I didn’t take advantage of their open bar, I was delighted to see many many deserts at the desert table haha. I went up with the other ladies to catch the bouquet but I did not catch it. Lol I never do, it just doesn’t “fly” near me. I also had a great time listening on everyone’s speeches for the night. At one point, the bride got very emotional and started tearing, and I thought that was the sweetest thing ever, it made me so “awwww”!
I had a nice dance to a slow song with the boyfriend, but it didn’t last for a long while. Overall, I had a fantastic time. The only thing that made me uncomfortable was that the people I was surrounded by (my bf’s friends) are all super smart (engineers, doctors, consultants), and all they talked about were their jobs which I didn’t understand a thing, and I felt really left out and at that point I just sort of wanted to drown myself at the open bar. Other than that it was all good, loved the sweet couple! They looked perfect together and I wish them the best! Congratulations you two!

outfit for the wedding


  1. Love the engagement ring pictures! I love the first one you chose too! Very elegant and classy! I've been with my bf it's been 6.5 years now and I'm expecting a "bling" on my hands soon!! ^^ I specifically told my bf I didn't want brand name ring though. Didn't really make sense to me to pay triple the price of the ring only for the brand.

    2 of my very good friends also got married this years and many other got engaged this year too. I hope I will be among them soon...

  2. Cartier, huh?? Wow, talk about breaking the bank, girly. haha.... It is a nice ring though!! :)

    Yeah, wedding bells must be in the air because I see them occuring left and right. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 7 years now......and engaged for 3 years of it. Friends always tease us and wonder when are we going to finally tie the knot. I say, hey, why rush it?? haha.

    Once you have the ring, the wedding itch fades after a year or so. Then you're able to wait until next year...and the next...and next (like me...hahaha) :P

  3. wow so many lovely rings!! i'm drooling over all that bling. yeah a lot of ppl i know are getting married this year too! the food looks so yummy at the wedding! looks like you had a blast =D

  4. hahah so funny because i was about to respond to your question about what the hubs got me for my birthday.. it was my engagement ring re-set haha.. i posted it a couple of blog posts ago haha :)

    *sigh* i've been married for 2 and a half years and i STILL love looking at e-rings hahaha

    ps. adore the leopard print dress you wore to the wedding you look so pretty! :)

  5. really lovely dress you got on! and haha ya I don't think I'm a simple person when it comes to weddings rings either... I like the Cartier one the most but I'm sure that's more than my bf can afford hahaha

  6. I do think about weddings, but I haven't really looked at rings yet. I don't really know how type of financial situation I'll be in when I get married... and dresses and set ups interest me more than rings anyways.

    You looked gorgeous and the food looked yummy. I really like the picture you took of condensation coming from that glass. Really unique.

  7. What a beautiful wedding party! Really love your dress =D Plus, you have excellent taste in rings.

  8. "...didn't have to worry about anything except..."


    "...boys had cooties and your first man crush..."


    "..first crush on a boy...weren't capable of loving...not fully understand what it really is?"


    "who here has not fantasized about their own wedding?"

    AW... hot damn you lost me here haha!

    Though I admire weddings, I actually never have fantasized about my wedding before. I remember back in grade school (when I moved to a new school) I had heard that people in my class got "married" and had their little weddings with other classmates. I thought it was WEIRD! At most at my old school all we did was boys chase girls or vice versa.
    I definitely feel you when you say you can't contain your happiness for your friends ^^ None of my friends got married yet but whenever I hear of relationship anniversaries and how happy they are together I really can't express how happy I am for them ^^

    And YOUUUU Sandy!! Even blogger girls I met on here!! I hope many will continue to blog and we'll keep in touch because I want to know the day you get proposed and when you get married!! So happy even thinking about the happiness and joy it brings to everyone ;) *squeals*

  9. The dress is so pretty on you! I have a similarly patterned dress, but it's a strapless, fitted one : )

  10. OMG Sandy... You had a ball looking up engagement rings didn't you? Aw but this is a lovely story. Sweethearts for 6 years? Wow. There are some marriages that don't even last that long. You look fantastic in that dress too.

    And BOY your dream engagement ring is a RING.

    I hope you had a boat load of fun. The food pictures are so taunting. :)

  11. Haha nooo I haven't tried those CrAzY food at CNE..!! They sound so extreme like I'll gain 10 pounds if I take one bite >< If you end up trying one, remember PICS!!!
    Good luck on the Domo!! It'd be SO cool to have one! And obviously you'd be with the cool crowd when you walk around with your prized possession. I always get envious of those people with big ass prizes. The only thing I won was a small pig- the UGLIEST pig I've ever seen in my life. I'll share once I do a post on CNE but that'll be afterrr... still have other things to post first! ENJOY CNE ON SUNDAY!!! Hope it'll be sunny and not crap weather =)

  12. Great post! Im a wedding crazy person myself though with only a few friends who are actually married, most of us are still in school LOL but that doesn't mean we can't fantasize right? So far I'd love to have both my wedding and proposal happen at any disney park! hahahahahaha I don't even care for the ring! I've never really been a jewelry girl, as long as the ring is real then that's that, I much rather put the money towards a home, I can always buy a ring later on but I NEED a roof over my head! (I especially don't want to be living with my bf parents if we marry LOL)

    I love that chanel ring though!!!!

  13. Wow, you REALLY did your ring research girl!!! haha But I loved every single one you picked. I never looked into wedding rings much, but I can't deny how beautiful the ones from Cartier, and Tiffany are. *Sigh* I'm happy for your friends too... you're gonna be going to a hell of a lot of weddings! LOL

    I went to one this year and it was beautiful!

  14. My hubs asked me to marry him without the ring, because we were living in Canada and diamonds are crazy expensive up there. I had told him not to buy me a ring up there. So we went shopping for one together in Florida. I fell in love with the first ring I tried on, but he said no, too expensive. I tried on about 20 other rings. I didn't like any of them as much as the first one. After about an hour and a half he said to me, "if we get that ring, can we leave?" When I said, "yes!" He said, "wrap it up, let's get out of here!" He wouldn't let me wear it out of the store though. He wanted to give it to me on his terms. He took me to EPCOT and in front of the waterfall in Canada he knelt in front of me with it. He said that was as close as he could get to be home. I thought it was really sweet. An older Japanese couple was sitting on a bench nearby and started taking pictures and smiling at us. That's my ring, but in platinum. LOVE IT!

  15. I prefer simplicity when it comes to wedding rings. Just one precious stone in the middle. Nothing more. Diamonds? I'd rather not. A blue or red semi-precious gem or even crystal would do. Now all I need to do is find that special someone. Oh where, oh where could she be?

  16. Do these rings really exist. ...I LOVE THE BOW TIE ring. . But. ... where would I find it and the price? ????

  17. Do these rings really exist. ...I LOVE THE BOW TIE ring. . But. ... where would I find it and the price? ????