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Friday, September 9, 2011

Circle Lens Haul

I splurged.

I bought all these Circle Lens at Pinkyparadise, during that time, they were having a "buy two get one free" code, so i took this opportunity to purchase all the colors i always wanted to try.

I love how they come individually packed, and so protected too!
Those Circle lens cases are that I've never seen before, a lot more bulky than what i'm accustomed to be they are so cute!

I will make a separate review on each one of them once i get a chance to try them all.

So when you open it, it comes in sections, so you just stack them, pretty cool.

This is the Dollyeye Grey. judging by the pictures, it's supposed to look very light.

This is the Barbie King Size Circle Pink (my first pair of pink lenses!! =D )

This is the Princess Mimi Apple Green 15mm (Tsubasa Bambi Series)

This one is the Candy Brown

This purple one was the free one that i got, sorry i don't know the name of it since they never told me or listed it on my receipt.

One is flipped
Opening all the jars and transferring them all into solution is such a hassle! LOL what a mess!


  1. Neat! I don't wear glasses/contacts but I love the look of circle lenses ;) And now you have so many! Haha!

  2. Wow, you're pretty stocked on lenses. :) I like the dolly eyed ones. I've been wanting to get some circle lenses for a while now.. ...maybe i'll look into that website :)

  3. P.s. i like your new background design!

  4. Wow, nice! *^_^* I can't wait to see these on your lovely eyes. I tried circle lens once but I think I got the wrong diameter b/c sometimes depending on where I looked, my vision was slightly hindered.

  5. Wahahaha Sandy you totally stocked up. You got a bunch of different designs and colors which is great. Looking forward to your reviews.

  6. wattttttttt omggg those lense cases are soo cool!!! never seen anything like it ever! I know the solutions would leak/overflow but its hard to think that it wont when u are stacking the layers.. omg soo cool!! I really want to see a picture of the pink lenses!! never seen them in real life before.. but heard of them being really pretty!! more pics please =]


  7. I can't wait to see these reviews. I really like the grey, brown and pink ones!

  8. I can't wait to see these reviews. I really like the grey, brown and pink ones!

  9. i would love some circle lenses, but i'm afraid it would hurt my eyes

  10. Ohh I love their contact cases-efficient and cute. I look forward to seeing posts with you having these lenses on! :)

  11. Wah! So many circle lenses! You're such a lucky girl with so many choices! There are so few lenses for us with prescriptions but I found some so hopefully I can give those a try! I love the pink ones and can't wait to see how those look on you! Im sure they'll be fab!

  12. Oh my god! so MANY! Will you show them on?

  13. i have been wanting to try color lenses.

  14. I love circle lens but I stopped wearing them because my eyes are too dry for contacts. These look gorgeous though!

  15. Loved it!!
    Great blog!

    lots of kisses from Portugal!

    I'm sO! following! :D