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Monday, September 12, 2011

Circle Lens Review- Violet

Hey everyone, as from my previous post, you know i have purchased a few circle lens from pinkyparadise. The shipping time took about a week and a half...which i think is a bit long because i bought from a different company before and it only took them 3 days to have it shipped to my home.


I'm going to do a review on the first pair that i tried on. It's a violet color but i'm not quite sure of the name. This was the free one i got when i used the "buy 2 get one free" code. But i know it's from EOS and after going through their circle lens the one that i think comes the closest is the Super Neon Violet

Psstt...i have one mono lid and one double lid...isn't that sad?


These circle lens are actually really dark. They almost look completely black if you are in a dim area. I thought it would be a lot more vibrant. The color on the bottle is so deceiving! But i think it's because i have naturally dark eyes, if worn on lighter colored eyes, i think the result will be very different.
It is quite enlarging but not to the extent where it's scary. I think it's the right size. As for comfort, it was pretty good. I've only worn these for 4 hours on that day but my eyes didn't get dry and it didn't hurt. My left eye was a little irritated during the day in some parts but it went away afterwards.

Comfort: 9/10
Color/Vibrancy: 5/10
Enlargements: 7/10

By the way...Happy Mooncake Festival everyone!


  1. Hi Sandy, I like that they aren't super vibrant because they blend in so naturally with your eyes but still has that tint of color. I really like these on you.

    What did you get at the mac/el warehouse sale? Haul post!? =]

  2. I like these ones! But then again I always tend to like more natural ones, because I feel like it makes me do a double take where I go "whoaa was she wearing purple contacts?" in contrast to seeing purple eyes from across the room LOL But to each their own! I think these look lovely on you!

  3. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  4. I know these weren't as vibrant as you expected, but I like 'em b/c they're more natural and give just a hint of color. Plus, you got it free so it's all good. ;D

  5. Hi! They look cool color and suit you! Purple is such a sexy impression so you can use beige lipstick or lip gloss, spicing up your cool and sexy look! ;)

  6. Ooh I really like these on you! I think it's good that they're not so vibrant since purple eyes aren't natural anyway haha, so it's great when you can wear them and not look like an alien!

  7. You look nice. Maybe we can follow each other?