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Monday, September 19, 2011

Review: Circle Lens - Dolly Eye Grey

I love outrageous colored contacts, especially the ones that are super vibrant!
These contacts are purchased from Pinkyparadise, if anyone is interested, the direct link to these circle lens are here.

These ones are called: Dolly Eye Grey

These are so vibrant that you can see them in very very dim light, it completely covered my natural eye color and it's awesome for Halloween! Haha. The only down side to this is that it's not for everyday wear, unless you don't mind scarring people on a daily basis. It was also not very comfortable on me. I had to take them off within 4 hours because they were very drying, even after i put eye drops in. It may be different for others but i think my eyes are always on the dryer side.

Comfort: 5/10
Color/Vibrancy: 10/10
Enlargements: 7/10
Size: 14.2mm


  1. Hi Sandy, These are really dramatic and I agree they totally cover your natural eye color. Might be a little scary for everyday but I think it's always nice to have a pair of super shockers for certain eye looks or photos.

    I'm pretty sure Dr. G BB cream only comes in one shade and I don't think you'll have a problem finding it in HK. When are you going!?

  2. Wow those are cool. I can't wait to get mine.

  3. I love how they look on you! I also really like your necklace! It's stunning!

  4. I think I would just get that for Halloween! I love how striking the colour is.

  5. Those are intense colour contacts! I love your necklace btw! Did you get it at jewelmint? I think I've seen it floating it around but am not sure if it's from there lol

    Omg! I tried Aijisen ramen before! I think they have one location in my city lol but when I went I ate yakisoba instead of ramen since Im not a huge ramen lover. hahaha yeah I never knew flamingos could fly too! Someone also suggested that they might not fly from the zoo because they might have their wings clipped, poor birdies!

  6. Whoa, nice shades of contacts! But yeah, I'm sure you can;t use them on a regular basis, but glad for the review though! Thanks for sharing! -Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  7. I love this. Your eyes look totally gorgeous! I would love to try these sometime just for a different look once in a while.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. @_@ I know it's dramatic but I kinda like it. :) Sorry to hear it wasn't too comfy though.

  9. Now those are some gorgeous grey lenses on you and they don't look too unnatural or crazy on you.

    You gave me an idea of what I may want to try next ;)

  10. Wow, the contacts look so fierce and lovely.

  11. Omg! My post updates weren't showing?? No wonder I wasn't hearing/reading anything from you, girly. For a moment there I was getting worried and wondering what was going on. :( I would post......and nothing.....It was definitely out of the ordinary. Haha. Whew, I'm glad we found the problem...hehe

  12. the purple one looks better than this one :) this is a lil on the scary side lol

  13. Omg i love these. They dont look too scary to me. Perhaps it depends on what style your going for or something.
    I wear them when going out, etc
    The purpleones are pretty nice but they arn't as bright as these!
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