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Friday, September 23, 2011

High Tea at Ruelo

It was my girlfriend's birthday last week, and i had my first high tea experience ( yeah i know, I've been living under rock, it's really my first time!) We went to this place called Ruelo Patisserie, it's a very small place with very limited tables and space. I wouldn't quite say it's an officially high tea place, more like a cake and coffee shop because it lacks the fancy table ware and all that awesome stuff. But we had an awesome time sipping tea and catching up.

Tea selection

3 tiers

Cappacino was super bitter!


  1. I must also be living under a rock because I've never had high tea >_<

    But omg the creme brulee looks yummy!


  2. the pic of you kissing your friend. XD This looks like a really cute place! I wouldn't mind some scones right now...hee hee. =D

  3. Looks delicious! High tea is definitely a fun experience and great for catching up with friends but I'd rather go to a restaurant where I can stuff myself with a full meal. :P

  4. I never had high tea either. It looks like a fun experience. My girlfriend's bday just passed as well......(I'm lagging on the pictures though... :\ ) you look so pretty.....I especially like the pic with you trying to kiss your friend....hehe. cute! That food looked delicious! Yum!!

  5. I'm just reading blogs today... and you're the second one to mention tea. ... I want to go so badly!

    How do you use your gold glitter polish?

  6. Sandy that looks like a lovely and quaint shop! I want to try somewhere like that, the food and snacks you have with the tea looks delish!

  7. This looks like a cute place to have tea and catch up with friends! OMFG! Is that creme brulee?!?! At tea? I NEED to go to this place now hahaha I love creme brulee and personally I think the caramelized sugar is the best part =D I'd definitely say this is a tea place but just more on the modern, cafe side =)

    P.s Yeah it does suck that jewelmint only ships within the US! Though it does stop me from splurging 30$ on costume jewelry hahaha so that's one good thing =P Hopefully we get something like that soon, sort of how luxe box and button box were created tee hee

  8. food looks yum! I love having high tea! but its not a cheap thing to do XD the food looks super yummy!