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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hong Kong Trip/ My travel essentials

Hey Everyone, this is my last post before i head off to Hong Kong in two days! I'll also be going to Taiwan and Macaw.  I'm the type of person who ALWAYS ALWAYS over pack! My boyfriend always scold me. He says, "You're going to Hong Kong, what is there to pack? Just buy everything there!"
But then i'm the worrywart who thinks "what if i can't find anything i like, what if...what if....what if..."

Even on an everyday basis, i always carry too much stuff in my purse, but then again, if anyone needs anything, i'll probably have it =)

I already tried to limit myself this time, and i think i did a good job. If it ends up that i packed too much and i don't have enough room to bring things back, i can always buy another suitcase there hahaha!

So aside from the clothes and all the boring stuff, here are the essentials that i brought with me.

Decided to bring my old TNA bag because it's medium sized and has a zipper, and if i ever break it or loose it, i won't be too heart broken.

Estee Lauder power compact, anti bacterial hand cream, and travel comb
Gravol (i always get car sick, but just in case i get air sick?), and a bottle of advils for evil cramps.
Hello kitty bandages and tissues
Notebook, spare mint, oil blotter papers, and a calculator (because my math is slow)

I bought a bunch of travel bottles to put my liquids in so then i don't have to carry the big bottles. Saves a lot of space and weight.

three different types of moisturizers (love labels!)

I only brought two BB creams with me (i hope it's enough!)
Two paper masks for the plane ride

Travel size shampoo and conditioner, body lotion, acne spot treatment, tea tree oil, toothpaste, emjoi epilator and my clarisonic

As for makeup, i brought very little, because i assume that i won't be wearing a whole lot because the weather will be hot and sticky.

Mary Kay lip balm, Lorac lipstick, mabelline lipstick, viva la juicy rollerball
Two faced palette, wet n wild palette, BB creams

NYX liquid eyeliner, NYX eyebrow pencil, NYX jumbo pencil, and laura mercier mascara


These are my last purchases from Toronto before i leave...

Super cute antibac hand soap from bath and body! It was on sale for $5!!!

faux fur collar thing from H&M. I wanted this so bad from last year but it was sold out, so happy it was back this year! The boyfriend bought this for me <3

I most likely will not have internet access while i'm there unless i am in a wifi area, so i wouldn't be able top blog =(

I'll see you guys in 3 weeks!!!


  1. Wow you did well! I would have packed 10x more hahaha.

  2. Another trip!?! Super lucky. Haha My bf is the same way and tells me don't overpack since he know's I'll buy a alot as well but of course I worry too!

    Hope you have a good trip girl and can't wait to see pictures and updates!!

  3. omg!! that's the fur fur thing i spotted and wanted but keep forgetting to buy it!! ahhh! i must go tmr before they run out.

    have an awesome trip babes!!! i know you will =) take a TONNE of pics. still can't believe u'll be gone for so long.

    should we go for a drink tmr??? hehe

    - m ! ss Y

  4. Hi Sandy,
    That's light packing. Have a great time on your trip and travel safe hun!

  5. Aw, I'm so jealous!! Have a safe and fun trip, doll. =D Haha...I tend to overpack too and I always bring a calculator! <3 the faux fur collar and hand soap.

  6. I like how your skincare bottles are all neatly labelled. I'm going Hk too in October. Have a safe trip!

  7. Have a great trip!!! I hope I'll be going back very soon, it's been years that I haven't been back! Must of changed sooooo much!! Take lots of pictures! ^^

  8. Antibac is so necessary for travel. have a great time there.

    I hope you get to go to LA too!

  9. So exciting!! You packed very well indeed! Have a safe and super fun trip Sandy!!

  10. i used to pack a lot of things for travel, but now i learned to pack light cos' lugging bags around ain't fun. where do you get those tiny bottles with labels(did you make them your own?)

    check out my blog for my travel beauty pack

  11. Wow Hong Kong for three weeks?! You lucky girl! Im going to be there in November! Tell me if there are any crazy good events going on! =DDD

    I think what you packed this time is perfect! hahaha Im just like you when I pack for a trip too, I practically bring my entire closet for the same reason! Omg super nintendo was the bomb! I never actually had one =( My oldest game station is a N64 LOL and a black and white gameboy =P Have fun in HK !!!

  12. i am so HAPPY that i found your blog!!! i'm travelling to japan soon and i love travelling in style :)

    also your heart banner thing is so cute!!
    i subbed :))

    please also check out my giveaway?


  13. So many cute little trinkets!!! Cute bcbg mints haha, i love the little tin!!

  14. u did super good with packing soo little!! I would have packed all my full sized skin cares!!.. btw hun, i suggest u stop using the tea tree oil from body shop!! it contains too much alcohol n too little tea tree oil.. it really does nothing to ur acne but irritate it a tons more!! >< try the one from Thursday Plantation =] super cheap too!! u can get it at those supplements stores at pmall for like $8 ish i think i forgot.. or buy it from Nutrition House but they always jack up the price =[..

    anywaysss come back soon!!! i wanna see a haul =D and dont forget to enter my mini giveaway!! =]


  15. I LOVE seeing what other people take travelling! And the little containers are so cute!

  16. ohhhh!!! i've missed your blog sweetie!! omgosh i loved loved looking through your HK pics!! you're pictures make me miss asian so bad.. especially the shopping hahahaha