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Friday, October 28, 2011

Hong Kong- Part 2- Ocean Park

We went to Ocean Park with a few friends, they were also having that Halloween Haunt thingie at night too so we stayed for that. Let me tell you the haunted houses there are a lot scarier than the ones here. Chinese ghosts, and myths are so scary...

Ocean Park was fun, we went on rides and saw the dolphin show and looked at different aquariums. So pretty!

"hot air balloon" that i didn't get to go on :(

riding the gondola

Next post: Taiwan!


  1. i love theme parks! I kept seeing hk dramas with ocean park scenes lol but didn't know it was that big!

  2. Ocean Park looks like fun!! It's nice to stop by an amusement park while on vacation. I wanted to go to one while I was in korea....but ran out of time. I was too busy stuffing my face with food!

  3. Great photos Sandy. Looking forward to Taiwan!

  4. ohh i love theme parks so much! haha they make me feel like a kid again :)!! your pics are so adorable you look like you had such a blast!!!